and the Lady of the Night!

I prefer to meet all guests and this is ONE of the reasons why.
Received an instant book from that I was having a single guest in my house listing the following night.
Her reason for visiting my town was to see her boyfriend.
As don’t collect payments here she was to pay on arrival. I had a board meeting to attend in the morning and asked her to text when she arrived and I would tell her where the keys were and I would see her later.
Meeting finished, texted her to say I was on my way and went around. Knocked on the door and this young woman answered the door. She had an interesting accent and a face full of make up and she smelt strongly of some sort of massage oil, she paid the money. My alarm bells went off and I asked if I could walk through to check on something.

Every bed was turned down!

I asked where her boyfriend was working as we have a number of projects going and she couldn’t tell me.
I went to the library to look at the local paper and found an escort ad for a 22 yr old “Brazilian Beauty” for 1 night only and a mobile number. I rang the number and the girl with the accent answered.
I was very clear and said she would not be running her business out of my house. She denied everything until I pointed out that I was ringing on her “work” number and not the other number she had given me. She then stated she would not work.
I informed her that every neighbour in the street was watching her and if she had a client they would contact me immediately.
I then rang the local police and explained the situation - they were great!
They said what she was doing was illegal as it was not in a registered brothel and within 100m of a school. They said I had to put it in writing that I wanted her out and if she did not leave I was to ring them and they would come and if she put on a performance they would charge her.
I texted her giving her an hour to leave. She rang me and confirmed that she would not work and I repeated that she was being watched and now the police would be doing hourly patrols. Theree were no client visits. She did leave
the following morning and i was concerned that there may have be some revenge damage, but the house was fine - the room she slept in had to be deep cleaned as it reeked of her but all was well.

I rang the real estate agent who also books with me and told her the story. An hour later she rings me and wants to know the name and phone number of the working girl as she had had a booking enquiry.
Gave her the details and she confirmed it was the same girl. Then she had some fun…called her back and described this beautiful house that was available and when the girl asked for the address she gave her my house and the response was NO No NO not that house.

I have no issue with what she does for a living, but she wasn’t doing it in my house! Last thing I need is the reputation of running a brothel, pissed off neighbours and if one of her clients goes past at a later date, sees the lights on and assumes she is back and propositions a legit guest.



Always check in guests and have a valid credit card for the booking

You were very savvy. Great sleuthing!!


You had messy asian guests last month and now a Brazilian hooker. Waiting for your next story.


Yes - hosting is an eye opening experience!

Wow enjoyed reading your story :slight_smile: You handled that brilliantly, well done.

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