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Booked with no ID

Hello we are new to airbnb’ing and my husband has a concern about a guest that was able to book without government ID, which we selected as a requirement when we created our profile. His message was very brief “can’t wait”. I messaged him thru text with no response and then on the Airbnb message and 2 days later he responded to my text. I just asked to confirm I had th correct cell# before sending over the key code and also could he confirm his dates and when he responded it was just the dates. I tend to be overly (gullible) trusting and my husband is more leery. But his concern is how was he able to book with no ID if it was a requirement that we selected? Does this send up any red flags to those of you that have been doing this for years? I accepted his request so I think we just have to wait and see what happens :woman_shrugging:t2:

If you have a requirement for photo ID on your listing and it hasn’t been provided then call Airbnb and ask them to contact the guest to make sure it’s provided. @Giggi204

You should keep all communications onAirbnb and set up your self-check in details on Airbnb so the guest receives your instruction through the platform.


I would not worry about it, heads in beds is my motto. I have no requirements other than a valid credit card and a pulse. Pulse optional.



You’re not the first host that has posted about this exact requirement somehow slipping through. I would definitely contact Airbnb and tell them about the glitch, but if the reservation has already started (i.e. you allowed it to start without the verified government ID), then there’s not much point in forcing the matter with the guest.


This is the only requirement I have for IB and sometimes people are able to IB anyways. It’s a known glitch. I just send them a note asking them to verify their ID and I provide the link to the page that explains it so it’s easy for them. You just have to coax the airbnb machine sometimes, like a unreliable car ,)


We have the requirement for a pulse, at least for check in.

Subsequent to then, it is a desirable. If a guest then fails to have a pulse, we have a wheelbarrow and a convenient set of bushes just round the corner.



@Giggi204 Also, keep an eye on your IB settings. There is a glitch right now - are you able to see the guests’ star ratings or do you get a message that says “Learn how to access star ratings?”. If you have that glitch, the IB settings are turning themselves off - I’ve been babysitting mine for days now:

Instant Book Glitch FYI

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I think it was an inquiry the OP accepted without having the ID but could be just a glitch.

Hilarious! Thanks for the advice … note to self - let side bush overgrow, just in case :joy:

I can’t even find what you’re telling me to check on - where am I looking for star ratings on the IB area? Also what does OP stand for?

Click on the guests profile

OP = Original poster in this thread.


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