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Book and not show later the same day


In the last two weeks I’ve had three single travelers book for a stay that night and then not show. Two of them let me know they wouldn’t make it and didn’t ask for refunds. One I refunded partially because they cancelled and I was able to rebook. One was yesterday. He booked at 5:15 pm said he would be checking in around 6 pm but he never showed. Other than exchanging a few messages about check in he didn’t message me again. He is listed as a local and he is brand new to Airbnb. I’m thinking he just messed up in some way on the date or drove by and didn’t like the looks of things.

We often complain about people who are unfairly refunded, conveniently forgetting the times we got paid and didn’t have to do anything. Or am I assuming this sometimes happens to everyone but it doesn’t?


I suspect because you offer single night stays and get more “road trip stay-over” guests you see more of this. I could see if I were road tripping, I might book a room for the night thinking I’d want to stop in a certain town, then get tired way sooner than expected, decide a different route, or have a second wind and decide to keep driving.

That’s surprising someone would think they’re 45 mins from arrival at the time of booking an not show! Almost makes me wonder if they made a huge error in booking location that they didn’t want to confess to. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

People usually plan months in advance to stay in my town, and last minute bookings are SUPER-rare. Of the ~4 stays that cancelled the week of, three of them claimed EC, so I didn’t get paid a dime. I’m definitely not making that up in “free money” no-shows - I believe the one time it happened was a one night stay (I’ve since changed my minimum to 2).


What do you mean paid and didn’t do anything! Messaging and waiting for them to check in is 90% of the job!


That makes sense. In the past it was ones that book further out that seem to cancel. Their plans seem to change more often. This cluster was unusual to me.

A problem I’ve seen here is that if there aren’t many listings left last minute the map expands so that there are more listings. That pulls in Las Cruces which is 50 miles from me in New Mexico and Juarez which is in Mexico. I’ve had more than one guest who wanted to book in Cruces and got me.

As soon as he booked I was messaging him and he said he’d arrive at 6 pm. I said I’ll be here. Then he was “how do I get in, is there a key?” I don’t know why I got the vibe right away that maybe he was going to bring a girl or have a party and thought he was getting an entire place (for $44 a night). Then I said, “just let yourself in, there’s a guest guide in the room” and my usual spiel. When he didn’t show last night I thought, jeez did he mean 6 am? But he was a brand new profile and didn’t even have a pic, not even after the booking was set. He has one now and I googled his name. He’s a running back on the local University football team. I’ve messaged him and said, looks like you were never here, hope you’re okay. No reply. No he made some kind of mistake and it least so far, I’m the beneficiary. I figure some people who don’t show are going to claim extenuating circumstances.


This is the interesting thing about airbnb. It’s so different for each host. The messages took 5 minutes. He instant booked and I have self check in so I spend very little time messaging and waiting for them to check in. Most of my work is cleaning and maintaining the room. But I’d do that anyway even if it weren’t the airbnb room.


Yep self check in is totally different. I find the room easy to clean because there’s nothing in it when the guest has gone, not like my room! Plus there’s a routine, which makes it quick.


I’ve had no shows, but never without an explanation. Perhaps (and I mean this in the nicest of ways] your place is so affordable per night that they weren’t fussed about the money and it was probably just easier to let it go and not bother telling you than go through the motions of letting you know or canceling. Not that that is proper in the case of a confirmed booking.

You cleaned, got the room ready, etc. waited for him. Wrote messages, thought about it. Etc.

But, yeah. He should be marked down for communication for sure. Common courtesy.


He got one star for communication, skipped the other categories and a thumbs down. Another guy got 5 stars on communication, skipped other categories and a thumbs up. In both cases I told future hosts my side of the story. The third one I can’t remember what I said but the girl left a “Dusty was very kind” because I sent a partial refund.

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