Bold font in reviews?

Has anyone else noticed that guest reviews have some parts in bold font? Is this new? Does Air choose the bolded part, or the guest?

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I noticed that on some other listings’ reviews and was wondrring if it’s AI or what doing it.

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I haven’t noticed any bold font in reviews (yet??) but I have had a brush with AI, which they seem to be beefing up. I had an enquiry last week for a seven day stay for three camera men filming with some company locally. Pre-approved, with quite a bit of negotiation to be done, then I sent a Special Offer. The person booking tried to send me his phone number, simply for good reasons going forward but the booking then became “not possible”, with a warning that he was either trying to scam me or book off platform. None of the messages indicated this was the case, only that his number. All thankfully sorted by a very competent CS in Canada. It’s a very good booking for doing very little; they’ll be out by 6 am, back after 8 pm, with breakfast to go in a bag!


ABB does not allow phone numbers, address’s or web sites to be shared (unless it is a ABB website) to be shared with guests until after a booking is confirmed.

I noticed the bold font in my reviews one day last week and the next day - no bold font.

I noticed NO REVIEWS AT ALL. Yep, I went this morning via an Incognito window and all 500+ of my reviews are GONE.

I just looked logged in and they are back.

They are obviously messing with the platform and reviews are going to get a new look.


Yup, I’m aware of that. My point was that the “not possible” message was a new AI twist on Big Brother warnings. Had I not noticed, I could have lost out on what, for me at least, was an effortless, lucrative booking.

Gotcha! yep I have seen that also

I just discovered bold font in my reviews. I can only see it on the desktop version not on my Android device. What’s bolded actually makes me feel like it is in fact being bolded by AI, notice the keywords “house” and “home” in these bolded sentences:

“The house is very clean and comfortable.”

different review…

"Also the scenery around the home is beautiful, … "

Edited to add that the reviews with no sentences bolded don’t use the words “house” or “home” and the sentences I cited are the only bolded sentences.

I had noticed parts of reviews bolded yesterday. It was phrases and I saw no consistency. I also saw that some reviews had more than one phrase bolded.

Additionally had a guy send me an inquiry that just said CALL ME ASAP (then the number wasn’t censored by ABB) and a warning about them trying to contact me or book off platform. I was given a choice to inform ABB which would then also block the guest from any further contact and from booking or dismiss it. Seems stupid that we can’t report it and still correspond in case it is just a person new and doesn’t understand.

I was given that choice too, so I called CS who sorted the pants off the AI. Booking confirmed.

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That’s good. In my case I still have not heard back from the potential guest.

I have noticed the bold font in the last few reviews. What has me more confused is that they took out the first few sentences and started with the word BURNS! Now people might think I am burning my guests! The guest was talking about her sunburn. You have to click on read more to see the complete review…

… burns, but that was a quick fix! Very convenient and close to the grocery store, river, and lake! Having the Comal Park pass was awesome was able to get into canyon lake! Loved the privacy but if we needed anything Carolyne was right there! We had deer in our front yard … Read more

I had friends who lived on Canyon Lake for about 10 years. Many good times on that lake.

Random bolded sentences in my reviews also. If there was any pattern it was comments about convenience of location near DC, which I am not very keen on – it is mile walk to the metro; I think the bolded statements will just raise expectations that I am right on top of the metro. Oh, bother. Airbnb algorithms strike again!

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