Boat hosts: What happened to crabby in the Caribbean?

I saw Crabby’s Water Sports/Pirate Girl Charters out of the US Virgin Islands hasn’t had a review in over a year and there’s some comments in the description about the insurance taking over a year to pay and the repairs taking over a year. It says “See you in 2020.” Was this a boating accident?

I’m just curious because I’m thinking of doing boat Airbnb and I wanted to touch base with boat hosts.

Well I am assuming that since the Hurrican Irma in Sept 2017 and then a year for the insurance to pay…sep 2018 and then months and months of waiting for repairs it would be possible that they wouldn’t be ready until 2020

Boat hosting can be problematic, depending on whether your marina will allow it. There was a houseboat in my marina, but they weren’t getting any traffic, and I think have ceased Airbnb. It was a snowbird trying to make enough to pay his dockage when he wasn’t down here in SW Florida.

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Good insights. Thanks.

I tried to book a boat stay. The host was the employed boat captain (not the owner) who tried to get me to pay off the Airbnb platform.

I am slightly acquainted with the owner so I contacted him directly and asked if he knew the captain was asking for payment off platform. The owner didn’t know his yacht was listed as a rental. The owner lives out of state and doesn’t use his yacht on a regular basis.

Yes—boat/yacht rentals can be tricky. Also in my beach area, marinas are blocking STRs.

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