Blown away, 2 bookings last night

So I lowered my prices for the next week about a 3rd, put a 2 day minimum on the weekend yesterday and woke up to two new bookings. One checking in today leaving Friday and then Friday leaving Sunday. Mind. Blown.

I really did not expect this, and of course both bookings same cabin so Friday it needs a same day turnover. I will glove up and scrub up, then after and before I come home take a shower and change clothes in the other cabin before I go home.



Cabin sounds like a good place for an apocalypse. You might have something special here :grin:


I suggest a full face shield if you have one. If not, a welding helmet, motorcycle helment, kids mask, ski mask, whatever you have to prevent yourself from mindlessly touching your face as you clean.

Expect possible cancellations as shelter in place laws are implemented.

I had an inquiry from a regular last night. He asked if I had raised my prices. He is driving home from CA. I had put high prices for the nights for my guest who hasn’t accepted his change request. OOPs. Maybe that’s not the strategy to use. With the site being glitchy (the whole internet is glitchy) I’m unsure which method is best to block the days. I don’t want people to think I’m doing some sort of war profiteering!


I have been thinking about this, I think I will get one of the girls scarves and fashion into a burka/hijab type of thing, I will look fabulous and it should help. I also thought about cutting holes/mask out of a hoodie sweatshirt and putting it on backwards, less fabulous but just as effective.

Ya, I thought of that too. IDC if they come or not.



My nurse friend wants me to stop doing Airbnb. I could as I have other income and no kids to provide for. I can understand why you stay open but the risks for you also have other consequences.

You could make your listing unavailable without the risk of losing Superhost. I would do that or block dates if you do not want to host now. Putting a high nightly rate may not work and could frustrate return guests. Anyway, you could always adjust the rate if someone contacts you. Cancel the change request?

My housekeeper needs the work too, she is willing to do the turnover and I am inclined to let her with a twinge of guilt though. Ugh

I would go in after and wipe all the doorknobs and light switches and stuff. I am so conflicted. People need to work, my HK is likely not documented so no govt money for her if it ever comes through

Yes I know. It’s just that over the years multiple people have reported things like blocking days dropping you in search; blocked days becoming unblocked, blocked days being impossible to unblock, and more. With the site glitches and no CS at the ready I’m not sure what to do.

The man is definitely staying until Friday. I need to block the days I guess. He could accept the change request I imagine. I’ve hesitated to ask because he extended due to his daughter’s death. He was here to visit in the aftermath of an auto accident and she unfortunately passed away Monday. His reservation ends today. It’s not about payment because I’m not charging him for the extra days, it’s about having him as the guest of record just in case. In the big scheme of things, not a big deal.

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I’m now not entirely sure that blocking days has any significant effect.

We’re on three channels, plus direct bookings, and our channel manager blocks the dates on Airbnb when we get a booking from elsewhere.

We are down the Airbnb rankings mainly because we don’t do so much business with them, but until last Summer/Autumn we were still appearing high in the rankings, despite BDC and HA bookings blocking dates with Airbnb.

It could be that Airbnb differentiate between a channel manager block and a manual block, but gut feeling says not.


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Thats great RRRR!!
We got a 2 night booking thurs and fri just last night! An inquiry turned into a booking, for once!! On Glamping Hub! But we have also suffered cancellations…

Lucky for me my job is calling me back in with new employee status, in accordance with new AB5 freelance employee law…
Everyone take good care read a big fat novel, try not to worry. In Norway you get 45K, UK 10k euro, Here in us we get 1 or 2k…$$ but when:":"":*&^%$


With the suspension of eviction laws everyone needs to be on guard. I don’t know what keeps anyone from squatting in your STR. Luckily my Airbnb room can have the water and half the electric off and there’s no kitchen so someone is unlikely to choose my place. But others should be vigilant.


I tend to think that with lockdowns going on, more and more locals will be looking for a somewhat local getaway; something that they can drive to. That would seem to b the case with @gypsy and @RiverRock

Just curious as to how the current Covid19 AirBNB cancellation policy works with new reservations made within their time frame window? It currently states:

“applies globally to all existing reservations with check-in dates between March 14 and April 14”

Operative word: EXISTING

Do the reservations that @RiverRock just received apply to that, or are they handled with whatever cancellation policy he has.

I would think they are not covered under EC because of the dates.

Update, both cabins now booked. 6 nights of bookings since yesterday.

Blown away



Here is what they say. We’ll see if they hold to it.

Reservations for stays and Airbnb Experiences made after March 14, 2020 will not be covered under our extenuating circumstances policy except where the guest or host has contracted COVID-19. The host’s cancellation policy will apply as usual.


Isn’t it fun to speculate? Nothing to do all day, LOL.

Here’s a sobering thought: Spring breakers are going to bring a second wave of infection. Once the infection and death rate soars and the internet starts rolling brown outs the panic will keep everyone from leaving their homes.


Yes, apparently the millenials aren’t taking this seriously because they aren’t in a high risk group. They seem to think they are invulnerable and don’t get or care about contracting it and passing it on. The actress Hillary Duff sent out a tweet the other day telling “a-hole millenials” to stop going out to bars and to stay the f home before their arrogance leads to the deaths of seniors.
Spring Break/Semana Santa is gonna be scary.

Scientists have long told us that the moral and non-risk taking part of their brains have not, on average, fully developed. It’s tragic but “natural.” More proof that natural is a bullshit term, LOL.

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A friend puts it this way: They haven’t been around long enough to want to stay…
Anyway, two young guests arrived yesterday for two nights. Emerged from their car in a cloud of cannabis smoke and giggles.
So there is that, too.
The next guests after them just cancelled, so I can stop stressing about the turnaround time for cleaning. I’ve got a week to deal with whatever they do.

Not. Because for the brief time I used iGMS, Air’s system kept prompting me to unblock popular dates that were booked on VRBO and blocked by iGMS.

I manually block everything now. I don’t notice that it drops my search position, it obviously effects my views because it doesn’t come up in searches for blocked dates, but that is true regardless of why the calendar is blocked.

I would not use the exorbitant price vs block method because of what @KKC just realized. Even in normal times, I don’t want prospective guests thinking we charge exorbitant prices for our modest home. They might be area regulars; first impressions matter.