Blocking Bad review?

I had a guest that held a disturbing party, and the police was called to the house. They broke furniture, there was stains (probably blood) and left the house messy.
I have filed a request for compensation that the guest decline and Airbnb have requested receipts etc. for the damage for compensation by Airbnb.
I referred to the Airbnb policy stating “ reviews may be removed from the platform for stays where a significant violation of the Party and Events Policy has taken place.”. and have requesting Airbnb to apply this rule in this case.
I first got nonsense answer that sems to be automatically generated. Finally, they stated 4 days ago that they will put a specialist on the case. I am waiting for their response.
My question is. The guest has provided a review that I need to respond to within 3 days. I will in my review warn for this guest. Will a bad review from the guest affect my superhost status and is there a way to prevent this ?
The guest also refuse to provide Passport information which is a legal requirement and I will get a fine for this.

Only if it brings your overall rating down to below the SH threshold.

Your bad. No ID, no bed is our rule, as we too would be fined if it came to the attention of the Policia that we’d an unregistered guest.


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Why did you let him in? No passport, no entry.

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I have been renting out for 5 years with no problem. The guest check-in via key box and provide the Passport information after check-in. I only allow guests that are verified by Airbnb. I might need to change this.

Good luck with this.

If you do not get the desired result from Airbnb, always try an escalate the situation to a ‘higher up’. Also Airbnb are known to respond more favourably/ with more urgency when hosts utilise social media

Finally, do you have it in your house rules that Guests are to provide passport information before they are allowed entry into the property?

Clarification: My question should have been can I expect Airbnb to remove the bad rating from this guest f they find the guest not following the Party and Event Policy ?

Can you “expect” AirBnb to remove the bad review? Probably. Maybe. But don’t depend on them to automatically remove the bad review.

If the bad review gets posted (and it probably will) then get on the phone and stay on the phone, demanding to speak to the next level of supervisor until you get the name of the person who actually removes the bad review for you.


Airbnb state the following

‘Reviews may be removed from the platform for stays where a significant violation of the Party and Events Policy has taken place. This is to help Hosts feel more comfortable intervening when a disruptive party takes place, without having to fear a biased review as a result.’


The answer to that is maybe.

There is no consistency with how Airbnb deal with this scenario, if you get a CS with some common sense then it may be a straightforward task. On the other hand, if their review doesn’t breach the guidelines, and you get a complete numpty at Airbnb, it may be an uphill struggle.


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Isn’t providing passport information AFTER check-in a violation of your local law?

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The best way to prevent parties is to have security cameras, disclosed in your House Rules with “disconnection of cameras, alarms, or security system components will result in immediate termination of your stay with no refund.”, and to meet them at the door. Even better, live downstairs or across the street.

This is why I would never do STR without being here.

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No more waiting!! It’s been 4 days. Time is money, reputation, & unregistered guest continued problems.

Launch communication & requests for prompt resolution on Twitter @airbnbhelp & Facebook Airbnb.

Airbnb tends to respond more promptly to social media requests.