Black Friday Deals for Hosts

We’re in the process of setting up our first AirBnB unit, and I’ll be doing considerable online shopping over the weekend.

Anyone found some great online Black Friday deals that would be great for other hosts to know about?

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Welcome! Happy Thanksgiving and happy hosting coming up :slight_smile: I am stalking Amazon today but am not finding much. Wayfair had some deals and coupons. If you sign up for emails, they send another percentage off. I like Zulily but haven’t checked there yet. Bed Bath & Beyond had some good deals and our local Best Buy was loaded with TVs the other day, so I imagine there will sales coming up on TVs, haha

What sort of items are you looking for? There are literally hundreds and hundreds of pieces of furniture, decorations, kitchenware etc you might want.

It would be a better idea to make a list of the things you need, rather than ask other hosts. You see, because all rentals are different, we all need different things. Plus no one here knows what you might already have.

Just make a list that suits your budget and try not to deviate from it. You might come to regret impulse buys when you do your sums.


Yes, we undoubtedly all need/want different things.

For right now, we don’t need anything. We bought two Roku TVs for our guest rooms (and they’re now set up!).

We talked about waiting until Black Friday, but the TVs we wanted were a great price three days ago when we ordered them. Today, their prices are higher than they were. Don’t know what they’ll be tomorrow, but it no longer matters.

Black Friday isn’t always the be-all-and-end-all of low prices.

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And if it’s going to take effort, or disrupt things to wait then it’s not worth it. Anything we buy for our rentals can be offset in our taxes anyway so only huge savings are really worth thinking about.


As evidenced by the UK’s “Which” consumer research org last week… I think most big retailers here are beginning to regret the importing of Black Friday to the UK.

The one aspect I dislike is that Mr J works from home, to avoid the carnage in London, then gets under my feet for yet another day.


I was thinking of the kind of things that need to be replaced regularly – great online deals on quality bedding, towels, pillows, etc. I waited until today to pull the trigger on a Tuft & Needle mattress and the prices were as low as they have been in 5 months.

It’s a scam. Some know, some don’t.

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It makes me chuckle that so many hosts see guests asking for a discount as a ‘red flag’ yet are on the lookout for discounts and bargains themselves.

I guess that it’s human nature to want a bargain but there are so many sales and special offers and one-time deals and so on and so on all year round. If something is vastly reduced in price for a special day then why wasn’t it that price in the first place?

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You’ll discover that these items don’t need replacing all that often, unless you’ve got a lazy housekeeper/co-host/laundry service who doesn’t spend the time and / or elbow grease required.

I sometimes think that I’ve seen more bodily fluids than anyone else (the medical profession and possibly the oldest profession excepted) but I’ve hardly lost a thing to stains.

It might be a good idea to ask your accountant or financial person about this. It makes sense that stockpiling isn’t necessarily a good idea. They might recommend that to do so will artificially skew your annual running costs.

Amazon has a decent deal on their Solimo coffee pods for those hosts that have a Keurig. 100 pods for $24.99, several different varieties.


Yep! And I have proof - growl, Amazon … A game I wanted to get as a family present was $14.99 yesterday and went up to $19.99 this evening.


I always shop Kohl’s and JCPenney for housewares, linens. I also bought my last mattress from JCP. I buy all of my TVs from Costco - they add an additional 2 year warranty onto most electronics. Happy hunting!!

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I just pulled a white cotton sheet aside yesterday that had been washed and dried with a previously unseen speck of blood. I hit it with spray and wash and put it aside . Any suggestions?



When I see those I try hydrogen peroxide and if that doesn’t work I do clorine bleach but then rinse it out right away. The spot is usually gone but if any trace I treat again and then wash again. If still there the sheet is used in my part of the house.

I almost went ahead and made the bed with it because the spot is on the pocket part of a fitted sheet, I could have put it at the bottom and it would not have been seen. But I was aghast at the idea of being that host… That and I wanted to spot it while I was looking at it as not to forget. I will do peroxide and then the bleach pen, it is really small.



If it’s had heat applied, which it almost certainly has in the dryer even if you washed on cold, the heat will have set in the stain.

So what I’d do is apply a little bleach using a Q Tip. Bleach does weaken the fibres though.


Bac-Out by Biokleen. It is an enzyme cleaner and the blood will disappear completely, even if it’s already been in the dryer. It’s amazing. Blood has now become the easiest thing to remove, for me.

Edit to add: Since you didn’t say if it’s been in heat yet: If it’s just dried and not been in the dryer, you can just spray it and it will go. If it’s been in the dryer, you will need to soak and dab a couple of times. The enzymes break it up and bring it to the surface, so you need to dab it off if it is stubborn but it will come out for sure. If you feel impatient, you can follow the Bac-Out with the Oxyclean Spray and it will wipe out any shadows you can still see, but only after the Bac-Out has lifted it.