Bird Island -- Fred

Hi all of you “old timers”. I just wanted to let you know that my daughter, her friend, and I just got back last night from Fred’s Bird Island in Palencia. I booked his island two years ago to be able to get five nights (his max) in March, which he said was the best time of the year. It was. And, his place is absolutely amazing! Fred is alive and well and was an awesome host. We all woke up this morning dreaming that we could still hear the waves under our beds. It was an experience we will have in our hearts for the rest of our lives.


I wish he would come back! Did you tell him we miss him??

Yes! Of course! He is still miffed about all of the political conversations … he’s an expat for a reason, I guess.

Oh brother. We hardly talk about politics now.

You can always write to him via his Airbnb page and try to get him back, I guess. Anyway, I know you live in paradise, yourself, but I am so glad I was high on pain killers (that’s when I had my knee replacement) and booked his island two years ago. We were very, very happy there.


Oh, lucky (or clever) you! So glad you had a great time. And yes, we miss Fred … sometimes the voice of sanity … but Kona’s right that the political conversations are less frequent now. Come back Fred!

I am one, if not the only one, of the reasons he left the forum. I have written him and apologized for my role in his decision to leave. I should have done it sooner and I thank you @sandy2 for reminding me to do it now.

I also apologize to everyone who has missed him. Now that I’m a moderator I see an obligation to be a less biased leader and use other venues (like my personal facebook page that people can block) for my most vituperative rants. I agree with Fred that this forum can provide a respite from some of the ugliness that is out there.

He has graciously replied to my email and I think we will see him back soon. @Mearns


I was thinking about Fred only yesterday!

Yes, it would be lovely to have him back. :blush:

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I am so impressed that you managed to insert the word “vituperative” into an online forum discussion, and it even makes sense. Bravo!


I hope it compensates for all my grammar and comma errors!


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Not me. I’m English :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I agree with your rants!!!

Oh good. Can you tell me? I didn’t look it up yet. :wink:

Not only do I know what it means, but having had the benefits of a classical education, I even know the origin (from Latin vitium (fault) and perare (to cast, or throw) and it means harsh and critical)

What I don’t know is where to find an emoji for “smug”!


Ooh, awesome. Thank you.

I looked up smug emojis. Did you know there is an emoji dictionary?