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Biggest week of the year in my town and somehow my prices get altered! Did AirBnB do it?

Its the absolute biggest money making week and event in my town for ALL businesses. I set my prices a few weeks ago to the higher rates. (Smart pricing is always turned off) Checked the 3 bookings so far and 1 is at correct price and 2 are at incorrect price. The incorrect prices are not my routine rates nor the higher rate I set, but in between and doesn’t mesh with the other rates I set for the week. One is $150 less per night and the other is $200 less per night resulting in significant losses. There seems to be no way to prove there was an error. I haven’t called AirBnB yet. I am at a loss as to what to do much less if it happens again. How does one prove/verify what they have set their rates at? Any thoughts here are appreciated.

Set rates, double check and make sure there is no price tip or smart pricing turned on. Log out and log on again and check. Search for your place incognito. Verify correct prices go back to calendar open the window and screen shot your info.

In terms of making sure it doesn’t happen again you need to check your listing every day and make sure prices are correct.

You don’t state this but I’m assuming someone booked in at this lower rate?

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Call Airbnb asap and explain the issue.

I had a really low reservation one time and they cancelled it from their side. They could see that the system did it somehow and it was not user initiated.


Yes, I had two bookings that were at considerably lower rates. T
hanks for your help.

Since there is actual damage done I would definitely contact Airbnb and push them to correct the issue: either a no penalty cancel or pay you the difference themselves. Also tweeting to @airbnbhelp. And if all else fails hope these reservations fall through and your rebook at your real rates.

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Maybe it’s just me, but when we have our highest rate period, Moto GP & the horse fair, I check the bookings immediately they are made. It’s too much money to be casual with, so I don’t understand why you didn’t pick this up immediately and therefore get it sorted after the first one.


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I might have misunderstood but I’m wondering why, if it’s the biggest week of the year, you weren’t already booked up?

Like @JohnF though, I’m a bit surprised that you’ve not checked it before. Also that you’ve not been in touch with Airbnb?

As you say though, there’s probably no way to prove the problem so it’s as well to get a proper system for next year.

Why would you presume I haven’t picked it up immediately?? I have, the bookings were just made. Geez

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Could you try just a LITTLE harder to be a LITTLE more helpful. The event is months away next year, so I expect to be slammed as I was this year. Posted this FIRST to get opinions, then I called AirBnB and got the lousy CS I expected to get—no way to cancel without repercussions on my end and of course no accountability on their end.

No, not really. You don’t seem to be running your business efficiently. Our role here is to comment for potential and new hosts so that they will learn. I hope that they will learn from your message.


I’m all ears for your valuable advice, that’s why I posted…

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