Beyondpricing discounts + base rate

Have been hosting for just over a month. Currently getting a lot of bookings 30+ days out, but more than half of September still open. Has anyone tried using beyondpricing and setting the base rate higher and use the discounts under the customize section to decrease prices in the near term but have higher prices further out? One could easily adjust prices closer to the current date by adjusing the discount percentages.

I just do mine manually on the calendar. I check the prices of nearby listings by pretending to search as a guest, then make sure mine is competitive, but not ridiculously low like the Airbnb ‘smart’ pricing.


I have used BeyondPricing for more than three years. Our place is in Toronto. I keep the base price high to capture far term reservations. I customized discounting to only two weeks and lowered the rate. It has worked well for us.


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Good to hear, I’m trying something similar, but discount out to 30 days.