Better to be croweded with beds?


I have two airbnb rooms in my shared house…1 had a queen bed, the other has 2 twin beds and a bunk bed, but very crowded…I’m trying to decide if I’d get more reservations with a room that can house more people or if I should take the bunk bed out and have a dresser and/or desk instead? Thoughts? PS I have a picture of it, but I don’t see how to add it!

Two thoughts:

  1. Whether you would get more reservations depends on your marketplace demands, competition and the resulting experience for your guests.

On demand and competition, if the marketplace offers a more comfortable stay for four people at a comparable price then it might not make sense to believe that more beds would result in more reservations.

  1. You’ll want to consider the experience of your guests. For example, if there is kitchen/dining seating for two not four people, then a stay for four people might result in negative reviews because people just aren’t comfortable in the setup of your listing.

EDITS TO ADD: More negative reviews (or fewer positive ones) might lead to fewer reservations. Think like the guest you aim to attract. What would that guest want?

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But the real issue is not as much the picture as it is the guest you aim to attract.

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Trying to cram too many people into a place is one of the biggest mistakes new hosts make. You’ll get much better reviews if bedrooms sleep a normal amount of guests,rather than setting the place up like a hostel. You should have enough space around the bed for guests to move around easily, with bedside tables for every bed (a bed that sleeps two needs a table and reading lamp on both sides of the bed).


A lot depends on where you are and what type of guests you usually get but as a general rule it’s not a good idea to cram in as many beds as you can. That makes your rental seem very cheap and hostel-y.

Bunk beds are also only really suitable for kids and many hosts, including me, are aware that hosting children can cause extra work and sometimes damage.

With a desk, you’ll be more able to encourage business-people to your listing. I would imagine that it will be more appealing to visitors to your area who are travelling for work or study.

However, without knowing more about the location, it’s hard to say what would be right for you.

Getting more bookings isn’t dependent on how many beds you have or whether you have a desk or dresser. Getting more bookings is up to you and how hard you work to get them.


If you are catering to a lot of very short stays (1 - 2 nights) then the bureau and desk will not be as important.

If you are going to offer a four-bed (i.e. crowded) bedroom, I suggest you you advertise it as something like “This is our budget option – ideal for small groups (up to four) and families who don’t mind sharing and being a bit crowded if doing so gives them a bargain on the cost-per person. For travellers who are looking for a larger room with just one queen bed, we have a second option at


How many bathrooms, sofas eyc do you have? @wrp610


@wrp610 Also keep in mind that attracting more bookings is only one aspect of having a successful str. If those increased bookings result in guests finding the space too cramped for the number of guests you accept, that can result in poor reviews, and hosting more guests at once results in increased wear and tear on the space. Also, hosting less guests is generally always easier.

It’s also an error, IMO, to look at other listings in your area and assume that just because most might have a guest count of 6 or 8, that you should do the same. There are plenty of guests who only want a place for 2 or 4, so filling that niche can actually result in more, not less, bookings.

So there is a balance and trade-offs when considering how to set up your listing in terms of max guest counts.


Any chance that you can convert the two twins to a King? That is what we did. Given a choice guests will almost always choose the bigger bed.


That totally depends on your market. If it’s a couple who sleep together, sure, but guests could be 2 friends travelling together, a parent and teenage child, etc, who are not going to want to share a bed. Even married couples don’t always share a bed, for various reasons.

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