Best way to set up mulitple listings?

For those of you with multiple listings how does it work? I have one listing now and want to add a separate unit that will be ready in a few months.

I want to add it now and “hide” it from view until it is complete.


Maybe list it buy have the months blocked off until the anticipated opening date (plus a bit of leeway for delays)? Then you could get some bookings ahead?

someone here recommended, I tried to sign up, still waiting for ‘approval’, it said: we’ll contact you shortly, blah blah blah

Best to wait till it’s ready before listing!
When you first list, airbnb gives a temporary bump which is an advantage you would lose/ miss out on if you list it before it’s ready for occupation!


Do you know how I would list it? Do I just add it or do I create a new account? I want to ask here first before I call the reps.

Aquatic - the reason I want it set up now is because Air told me the other day they are not allowing all new hosts the strict cancellation policy.

For hosts who have moderate and flexible policy, they have removed the option for them to revert back to strict.

At first he said if I already have a strict listing then I can add others with strict policy. Then he emailed me and said he was mistaken and then didn’t clearly clarify what he was mistaken about. I emailed back and have heard no response.

So I want to get the listing up and going asap and just hide it. I can’t use a moderate policy and allow a guest to block my calendar up until 5 days before arrival.

Air said they are testing the removal of strict policy to see if they receive more booking requests. It’s all good and well for Air because when a guest cancels Air still receives the booking fees. Screw the owner if his calendar is left empty with no money - but Air earns their booking fees.

This is exactly right. Build the listing but mark it as unlisted until you’re ready to receive bookings so you can take advantage of the “new listing bump”.