Best way to handle extra guest that became a full stay guest?

My place (a second bedroom in my home) has a 2-person max, with $15/night charge for nights with a second guest. All this is spelled out in my listing and house rules.

I have a guest coming next week for a 2 night stay. She messaged me a few days ago asking about having her boyfriend join her for one night and asking about additional charges. I said no problem and charged her $15 through the resolution system. Paid, no problem.

This morning I get a message that the plans have changed and her boyfriend will be staying with her both nights.

How should I handle this on the Air side? It looks like I can’t request more money from her though the app until her stay is paid for, though I haven’t investigated via the web browser yet, just the phone app.

Should I offer to refund the $15 and switch her to a 2 night stay through Air? Charge her an additional $15 after check-in? Call Air and see if they can straighten it out?


This happened to us and I asked the guest to cancel and rebook for two. They did with no problem. If she won’t do this, call Airbnb and ask them to do it.
Make sure you communicate with the guest only through air’s message system.
Are her requests in the message system?

I can adjust her stay (I think) to two nights - but I’m not sure how to handle the $15 that I already charged through Air because it was originally a one night thing.

All messages have been in the message system.

I should note: aside from the annoyance of changing things up, the guest has been perfectly courteous and a second guest is absolutely in line with my house rules and policies.

Can’t you just hit the amend button on the the booking confirmation and add the second person for the second night? If not, call Airbnb and ask them to do it.

I think she is concerned about the extra $15 already paid. I would in the future do an all or nothing occupancy. Just change the booking to 2 people for the entire stay. Easier that way.


I believe you can amend bookings more than once, I have certainly done this before.

And personally, I have no problem if a second guest only wants to stay for part of the time.

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You have the option to manually adjust the dollar amount if Airbnb doesn’t calculate correctly.

I don’t understand the problem. Just click “Change Reservation”. You can change the number of guests, the dates, or adjust the price. Make sure to include the cleaning fee in the total price. If she already paid $15 through the resolution center (not sure why you did it this way), then just add the one extra night charge of $15 to the total and call it good.