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Best (SF Bay Area) Airbnb Cleaning Companies?

Hey all,

Just wanted your opinions and recommendations on who the best Airbnb cleaners are around the Bay Area. I’m not looking for just any cleaner; I feel that a cleaning service that specializes in Airbnb’s will be more thorough for my purposes.

Thanks in advance!

You do understand that this is an international forum … you may be better asking a local hosting Facebook group.

I advertised for my cleaners in my local area FB group or you could try the San Fransico host FB Group @Ray_Jones

As @Debthecat says international forums probably aren’t your best option fot leads :grin::grin::grin:

Welcome to the forum @Ray_Jones You may get lucky here with an answer to your question, will see. I live/host in a small town in so cal and I do not share my cleaners information because she is too busy! I am selfish, I do not want her schedule spread too thin!

Good luck, stick around and read everything you can here it is like free host college.

welcome again



Try the local Bay Area specific to your neighborhood app called NextDoor.

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Fair enough but San Francisco is where Airbnb headquarters is located if that’s any consolation

I don’t understand the relevance of this fact to the topic of your post. I’m wondering if you think this forum is associated with or run by Airbnb.

I’ve been on this forum since 2014 and in all that time there have only been a handful of members that indicated they host in the Bay Area.


Since you asked, the Bay Area is also very innovative and I want to be on top of the next trend early. I’m interested in different sorts of technology that will bring me convenience. San Francisco is the tech hub and the Silicon Valley is called that for a reason. I’m testing the waters to see if there are any techie cleaning services or sharing apps that will probably eventually end up spreading to other areas anyway. This is another reason for asking what’s up in the Bay Area.

Baffling. So I can only eat pizza margherita in Naples?


It literally says on the top of the site, “Note that we are not affiliated with Airbnb - we are just passionate hosts!” I’m not that ditsy.

Yeah, you are. …


Why would you only be able to eat pizza margherita in Naples?

A better question for me would be, "If you lived in Naples, would it be reasonable to expect complementary, innovative pizza-related solutions in Naples as well (the place that pizza was created)? "

Thank you, @RiverRock. You guys are a pleasure to hang out with :smiley:

Yes, it’s a silly a comment as yours that says that you can post your cleaning needs on an international site because Airbnb HQ is located in the same area. Surely you see the daftness?



It’s not a coincidence that Airbnb is located in the Silicon Valley :brain:

You plan to have an app clean your house?


Yes, just like I’ve been having an app book my house. (Airbnb is an app, right?)

Aiming for virus free…those pesky Trojan cockroaches won’t dare raise their antennas!

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“State of the art tech in this listing. Work station had brand new computer, printer/scanner, super fast connection, all sparkling clean. Unfortunately, the rest of the place was filthy.”


@Ray_Jones you might have better luck looking for cleaners on more localized forums such as Facebook groups. However, I found a list of bnb cleaners in San Francisco on an app made for cleaners and hosts. you might be able to reach out to any of them!

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