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Best PM Software/Website/Channel Manager for Small Hosts?

I have two properties in different cities operating as full-time STRs. Maybe re-add a third one again later this year, but that’s up in the air.

I used to use Airbnb exclusively, but I now have one property (it’s more vacation oriented than the other one) listed on VRBO, and have been doing more direct bookings as well. I use Smartbnb for all standardized guest messaging through Airbnb and Wheelhouse for Airbnb pricing at one listing (the other I set pricing manually), but everything else is manual. I’m starting to find it a challenge to manage everything on the different platforms, but also overwhelmed by the various options for tools that can help automate my business.

It seems I’m not being enough for an enterprise type of solution, but the Smartbnb and Wheelhouse integrations seem to rule out simple solutions too.

I should mention I’m not that happy with Wheelhouse lately, since COVID killed travel demand in my city the pricing is way off much of the time.

Is there anyone in a similar situation that’s found a good tool or set of tools?

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I am very happy with OwnerRes I have their integrated website and API with Air and Vrbo
They have a partnership with Vrbo that allows API with fewer than 5 lisings.

They are very responsive to questions and have extensive instructions online for those smarter than I

I would never use any source for pricing.


Hello. I’m Tom from Host Tools. A very easy to use, inexpensive (only $5/month), and full-featured channel manager. It offers automated messaging, reviews, pricing and availability syncing as well as a handful of other smaller features. It can replace Smartbnb and Wheelhouse if you’re interested in creating your own pricing strategy. It will also soon have smart lock support which I’m very excited about. Feel free to message me on the Host Tools website if you have any questions.

I have to say I wasn’t happy with Wheelhouse before but recently, since Covid ended (ish) Beyond Pricing has not been working for me and I switched back to Wheelhouse which seems much more accurate, currently. Also very interested in this question as I’m considering adding more channels for my two listings.

I would never put my pricing to the whims of an algorithm.

I increase prices from time to time, I do not lower them. I am booked as much as I want to be.


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