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Best option if I am tired of managing my AirBnB

Hello everybody,

If one was to get tired of managing their AirBnb, what is the next best alternative?



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You’re promoting. Period.

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If you were no longer able to manage your AirBnB for some reason, what would you do?

Stop hosting, of course.

[Say “no” to surveys prompted by ulterior motives.]

I’m confused :rolling_eyes:

Promotion of his services

He works for and is promoting ‘rented.com’. There is at least one other (a gal) on this Airhost forum who also is not an Air host. Their generalized questions make them easy to spot.

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HA. I’m daft today. I think my brain has stopped functioning for the day.

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Do you remember when Google+ first started and you had to provide several forms of ID before you could join? I sometimes think this forum should have something similar :slight_smile:


The self promoters get so tedious. Always trying new approaches. Yawn.

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Why are there no moderaters on this forum, banning these spammers?

PS: Post flagged as spam…

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There are but they count on us to flag.

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Hi Chris. I think you have done the proactive approach rather than waiting for the moderators. I also flagged them as spam and I think this is perhaps the best approach.

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