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Bent my bed! Advice on what next?

Hi everyone,

I have just come home and started cleaning ready for another family to arrive tomorrow and I have discovered that my double sofa bed has been bent at the end of the bed. It looks like a small child may have been jumping on it. By chance I took photos of my spic and span home including the bed on the day the guests arrived. I have now added to those photos with photos of my bent bed.

I have sent the woman who booked my home a polite message through Air Bnb explaining that the bed was in perfect order and now it is not and if I get quotes to have it fixed would she be willing to pay for the damage I also let her know I have photos although at that stage I didn’t realise I had the before photos.

I am just feeling quite anxious about it all. I read on the Air Bnb site that I would have to go to the Police to get any money back via Air Bnb for the damage.

Does anyone have any advice for me? I have another family checking in tomorrow. I do have home contents insurance (I am in Australia). I suppose I should check with the insurance company as well.

Open a resolution center case immediately. If you can find a web link to a replacement include that as well. I would also include before and after photos. You eventually need to get a quote or invoice for the repair or replacement. Make sure all receipts/inovice follow exactly what Air requires, in terms of info on the invoice, etc.


Do you have a security deposit with Airbnb? If not, add one.

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1 - Document everything with photos.
2 - Determine the cost of repair or replacement. Save the estimate or product listing.
3 - Inquire via the messaging system what happened to the bed. If they explain it, great!
4 - Open a Resolution Center request. Upload the before and after photos, and the invoice or estimate.
5 - Open a Host Guarantee claim. This will generate a claim number in case it takes your guest a while to respond, as this must be done within 14 days.
6 - Watch the Resolution Center request. If the guest pays up, great!. If not, and they either decline, or do not respond within the 3 day maximum, click on Involve Airbnb for a decision on the matter.
7 - Be sure to set up a reasonable security deposit.

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