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Benefits of Attending Airbnb Open?

I am trying to decide whether it is worth it to make the trip to LA to attend Airbnb Open in November. I was wondering if anyone who has attended in the past could speak to what the benefits for hosts would be in attending? I would definitely like to go if I will learn some things that will help me to be a better host, as this is something I plan to do long term. I know it will be fun to watch the speakers and connect with other hosts, but I’m wondering what tangible benefits and information you have received from the experience of attending the event in the past? Thanks!

I have always viewed Air Open as part of their PR and branding. I can’t imagine what this could do for a host of a single property or even two. It seems like all corporate rah-rah. You’re certainly not gonna get an unbiased look at home sharing.

But I am not a fangirl of Air.

Bowie, Yes. Air, No. :wink:


I was very lucky to be part of a group of hosts from the NY area that were invited to the first open. I loved it, it was a lot of fun - but I didn’t really learn anything. The classes that were offered were all super simplistic and of very little value to me. I’m a bit of a big mouth, so in most of the classes that I attended I ended up offering more info than the host, as I’ve been hosting for a long time and some of the “teachers” were hosts that had been hosting for six months. There’s also a lot of rah-rah, which is fun, but not worth the money to go there for. You can watch the same videos on line, the big players do the same speech at every big event. I didn’t go to Paris last year, but I heard lots of feedback, and the people that went didn’t come back raving (of course with the terror attack, it spoiled the whole event).

For me the value was in meeting and talking with fellow hosts. That was the part that I really enjoyed, and were I made a lot of new friends that I’m still in touch with.

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