Before you toss the latest Airbnb magazine

There is a removable digital artwork printed on card stock in the magazine. I like it and took mine out. Some of you may toss the magazine or put it in your rental before looking at it so I wanted to give a heads up.


I have never received a magazine from Airbnb in the 7 years I’ve been hosting. Is it a US thing?

You can have mines. I dont want them and I toss them in the recyclables directly from the mail box. Dont know how to get rid of them.


Nah, you’re all right thanks mate! (as we say here :smile:)
It’s just that I’ve read about things that hosts have received, like golden keys (? or something) and drawings of their listing. Also, general gifts of toiletries or some such.
I’ve never received anything, I suppose because I’ve not been a superhost the whole time. But I’ve only heard about US hosts receiving these things so was just wondering.

I know nothing about who gets them. Initially they indicated it was a Superho thing. @adrienne12 if you look at your magazine you will see a web address for managing your subscription in the address label section.

It’s a nice magazine and I put mine in the airbnb room.


Oh, I will. I don’t have time to read it. I have serious magazines to read plus books. there are only so many hours in a day.

Mine is also in the Airbnb! It is a nicely done magazine but had nothing really useful for hosts in it, at least the last one all about Italy did not. I’m not sure who is supposed to be their target audience.


I think their target “audience” is the wallets of the advertisers…


I understand the magazine goes out to lucky hosts in North America and I think a host in Australia also mentioned received it.

Elsewhere we are not considered worthy :slight_smile:

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I would like to get a couple of these magazines. Where do you get an option, and can you opt out? Or somebody send me some?
I also just got a 5% discount offer from Air. I am assuming it is for SH or Christmas or something<><.

You can read most of the content here

I can send you a couple of back issues if you’d like.

This is the artwork that was in the magazine.

Looks cool! I will take you up on your offer KKC ! Please send 2 or three if they are not to costly to send . I will reimburse you the Postal costs!

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Just the United States part of North America. Canadians don’t get the magazine. I know that for sure, and I will go out on a limb and say the Mexicans likely don’t get it either.
We are as unworthy as you. :wink:


Some hosts are more equal than others! :joy:


I receive 4 of them (1 for each listing) even though there are only 2 different addresses. At least the address labels come off smooth and clean. I put one in the private bedroom listing where I live and the other three that go to the other house all become great kindling for my burn barrel. I burn all used paper products instead of putting them in the trash for a landfill.

We get 3 magazines - one for each listing, but one listing is both our rooms together. (Yes, I sync the calendars so there’s not double-booking.)

I’m going to take the pictures out and put them in sleeve protectors in 3-ring binder guest guides. Still working on the context of the guest guides, but I’ve found a few good templates online. I want to make it easy to swap pages out when I need to update information without printing the whole thing again.

I don’t think guests read the magazines (many do admire our library collection, though), but I enjoy the pictures and some of the stories. Most don’t really apply to me, but they give me travel ideas for myself.

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Me neither. They clearly don’t get sent out to Scotland

It’s likely the USPS permit that Air has provides mailing to the 50 states but not international locations.