Bedroom Configuration Suggestions wanted

I’m setting up my first ABB in a slightly funky neighborhood near a big park about 10 minutes from downtown Kansas City. This is a circa-1900 3rd floor walkup 2bd/1ba with hardwood floors (1000sf). Kitchen has no dishwasher or disposer. Bathroom has pedestal tub with surround shower curtain. Rent will be less than $100/nt.

I plan to have a queen bed in one bedroom. Given those parameters, for the second bedroom, would you suggest a queen bed, or a bunk bed (that I have) or 2 twins (that I don’t).

We have had a lot of enthusiasm for our twin beds!

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Definitely not a bunk, 2 twins or s double

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would a family be more likely or 2 couples? That should answer your question.

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We chopped an inherited bunk bed into two making it a comfy king or if needed 2 twin …
Work with what you have to start and then upgrade.


My listing is our spare bedroom. It has two twin beds which we tie together with Velcro strips for couples. We’d had many adults who don’t want to sleep together (siblings, parents and children, coworkers, etc.). As most adults won’t like a bunk bed; I would recommend that you get two twin beds.


Very helpful! Thanks to all.

Definitely try to get twin beds that can go together to make a second Queen/king.

We have this set up in one of our apartments and the twin option is very popular. We get lots of families with teen/adult children who appreciate the twin beds.

Have a queen bed ,it works for our bnb