Bedding and politics

This is funny. Proving that you can indeed talk about bedding choices and politics at the same time.


Since we about to have a pillow fight

  1. Any politically correct pillow recommendations as I seek some new ones

  2. Challenge is when I find one I like it doesn’t come in king size

PS a year ago ‘my pillow’ was promoting their product in Costco. I declined their offer telling them specifically it was because of Lindel’s politics

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Yes. And I was thinking about buying these because of it being two types of pillow in one. They are on twitter if you want to see more about their politics.

FYI they are currently out of stock due to blowing up on twitter in the last week. They sold a 3 month stock in a few days. I’ve ordered but don’t know when I’ll get them. They are for the Airbnb room and I’m still closed to the public so I may not have any review for awhile.

At the same time My Pillow is imploding?

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