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Bed bug fear solved!


Ive been hosting for 4 years. Ive always been terrified of bed bugs infesting my home and getting a bad review. I get lots of guests from bed bug infested areas. I recently learned from other hosts in the LA area that there is a company that has a guy whose sniffing dog can find ONE SINGLE BEDBUG in an entire house. If dogs can sniff a cancer cell they can certainly find one bedbug. I just hired the guy. He placed a dead bedbug in the room when his dog was outside and brought the dog in and the dog found it. Then he performed that same test with a hidden bedbug in a vile that he placed behind the books on my bookshelf. The dog found it. The dog searched my whole house and found nothing. Luckily. The people who recommended this guy had a problem just brewing and the dog found the bedbug source before it became a huge problem. I had to share this with the host community. NO MORE FEAR!!! Sear for bedbug sniffer dogs in your area. If you are in LA I can give you the guys number.


Get a latex bed. That will solve your problem

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