BDC changing how their review system works

This is really only of interest to those who also use BDC. Just had an email to inform me that they will no longer be calculating the review score from the various sections, e.g. comfort, value for money etc.

Instead, the guest will still complete the subsections, but at the end they will choose, on a scale of 1 to 10, their own overall rating of the host.

Not sure if it’s going to a benefit to us personally, we get a lot of 10’s across the board but a certain demographic consistently mark us down on comfort and value for money. Fortunately, the areas where they don’t mark us down boost the final review score up to a decent level.

Sounds like a familiar system but I can’t quite remember who else uses it… :wink:



I recently found out that I was being rated on coffee in a subsection.

Sounds like the 1-10 will be better since before Good = 7.5. And there’s nothing wrong with Good. But 7.5 doesn’t sound so good…lol.

Same as “Room view”, I’m fairly sure “Coffee” doesn’t affect the overall review score.