Bathroom Access for Second Room Guests via First Room

So off to a good start with renting a private room which can host two people. This room has 1.5 bathroom. I do have an adjacent room where I could put a queen or two twin size beds. Can I open up for 2-4 people and have them share the bathroom ? I suppose they have to be of the same group. Any suggestions ?

Yes of course you can.

No they don’t have to be in the same group. Personally I wouldn’t want to accepted multiple guests for multiple rooms, but quite a few hosts on here do that and it works well for them.

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Thanks Helsi. I am still thinking how it will work ? People will have to share bathroom and may be a walk in closet. But one pair of guest will have to walk in to other guest room to use bathroom. Does any one have this type of situation ? May be I am not clear with my problem.

Yuck. I would not consider that acceptable unless it was an adult in one room and their family members in the other.


You can advertise that the place sleeps up to x amount of people and account for the second room there (and add an extra charge for any guests over the amount that will fit in just one room if you want) but you can’t have two separate bookings if one group has to enter another groups room to use the bathroom.

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This is a bit complicated. AirBNB doesn’t allow you to charge by the bed so you could end up making up both rooms for just two people who think they have booked two beds for your original price.

If you know another way to do this, I am all ears.

You can have a base rate for two, the $x each for other guests up to the max occupancy. Clearly explain layout, number of beds. But you can’t rent to separate groups. It would be ok for a family or friends who don’t mind the access issue.
I rent a 3 bedroom house, base rate for two, then $10 each per night for up to 4 more. This gives a small group an affordable rate, and gives me a lower price point.

Absolutely, but there is no way to say 2 people MUST stay in one room for $x. and if there are 3 or 4 people, you can have 2 beds for $y. There just isn’t.

You could have someone rent for the two people base rate and there is no setting that states that this only includes one room/one bed.

If you have managed to state this in a way in your listing narrative that people both understand and respect, please post.

No, it would not work, I think you are asking for trouble. The only way you could do it is if the two groups are related to each other.

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I wouldn’t even want to walk through the room where my relatives were sleeping to use the bathroom.

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Perhaps instead of making the second room a dedicated bedroom, do a futon or sleeper sofa and make it more of a lounge/living space? Then it is a perk that could justify a higher cost (a “private living room”) that also allows you to raise the number of guests you could host on a single reservation.


Ok you didn’t mention that in your first post. In that case sounds like it would only be suitable for family/group bookings.

Yes that was key. I renamed the topic title to reflect it.

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No, only users who have reached a certain trust level.

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Couldn’t you just have two listings with synced calendars?
Listing #1. 2 rooms
Listing #2. 1 room
If someone books 2 rooms, they get both. If someone books 1 room, they get the room with the bath.
Only one of the two could be on instant book in case the calendar sync doesn’t work.


I think that no matter how clearly and thoroughly it is explained in the listing; guests will not understand that they have to go through the bedroom to access the bathroom. I would not like that set up and I am not a very private person.

Yes, this situation is a land mine. You cannot do it unless the group is related.

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I don’t even want to think about the things I wouldn’t be able to unsee if I had to walk past relatives doing whatever they do in bed in the middle of the night.

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