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A kind community citizen said there may be value in posting bargains. This is NOT an advertisement for services. The intent is to share when we as hosts see a bargain or a product that may be of interest to other hosts.

We already share this information in scattered posts.

Here is the first attempt for a thread.

Airbnb is encouraging hosts to provide shampoo & soap to all guests. Individual packages like a hotel offers can be expensive and have excessive packaging.

I placed this in my baths. There is are adult versions on the Walmart website but they tend to cost more.

Adults are usually open to using things like baby shampoo. I have families including children of all ages staying my condos at the beach. It is cheap. It hopefully won’t build the awful soap scum of bar soap.


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These are a must have. Every time I wash the bed linens I go over them with these, especially pillowcase and the top half of sheets. I pick up hair about 80% of the time. This is after I’ve washed them. This happens so often I’ve started sticky rolling before and after. The last thing you want your guests to see before they close their eyes at night is someone else’s hair.

These 5 packs of the extra large rolls at Costco are usually $10.79. Costco regularly promotes them and that’s the only time I buy them. Last week $7.99. Just one of these 95 sheet rolls at Walmart is $4.47 vs $1.60 at Costco, $2.00 on Amazon. These are also eligible for subscribe and save.


I buy these on line for IKEA. With two long haired white cats, and a mainly black line in clothing (an ageing Goth…) they are a must, let alone for hair on linens. The tumble dryer does shift most of it though.


Amazon has a separate access site: Amazon Warehouse. Within Amazon Warehouse is a bargain area 50% off. Many items are lightly used, returns, or not in original packaging…


Thanks for the tip, ording these right now. I use them for both of my home businesses bnb and quilting this is a good price!

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I noticed the price is 16.07 today, not 10.04 as it was on the day I posted. This is something Amazon does regularly. When I see a price I know is extra low I just hit buy. You might want to wait for the next markdown.

I have seen that too! price creep!

24 hour sale only on Zulily on quilt sets. Most are under $30.

Be careful.while I love the kid offerings, I’ve bought some seriously low quality towels on Zulily. Fell apart very quickly.

I have not purchased any towels from zulily but I have purchased the thin summer weight quilts. They are holding up well to washing & drying between guests. The ones I purchased were less than $35 per set so I expect to replace them at least 1x per year.

Need an affordable sofa sleeper? Josh & Main limited quantity. Free shipping

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100% cotton sheets on Woot. $32-$38

10 piece towel set. $27.99

18 piece towel set $74 Limited time. Dorm refrigerator

Are you in the USA? This weekend 10/13-10/14/18 BIG LOTS is offering 20% off all items in the store.

They have some nice products we hosts use like: mattress toppers & covers, linens, kitchen items, kitchen electrics, and more. And their Shark vacuums are included.

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Are you in the Grand Strand area of South Carolina or maybe thinking of a trip there?

Or Gatlinburg, TN?

OR Toronto, CA?

Ripey’s Aquarium is sellling annual admission passes at 50% off; meaning the usual adult annual admission pass for their Myrtle Beach location of $64 is now $32!!!

Regular one day admission is $28 so this is a bargain. It includes a 20% discount for gift store items. The gift store has the usual touristy items PLUS art items. It can be a good place for Christmas shopping.

Sale is limited time—I don’t know when it ends.

Discounted flannel sheets; 100% cotton

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I didn’t know you could still buy flannel sheets; I’m not sure I’ve seen them since the late '50s/60s. They remind me of staying at my Victorian grandmother’s house as a child. Do they still get bobbles?

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I don’t know if they pill/bobble or not. I haven’t used them in many years. I may try a set this winter. Theses are so affordable it may be worth the risk to try them out.

In he tropics, microfibre sheets are completely revolting after buying a set by accident. Couldn’t give them away fast enough

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