Bad Guests using private Screened in porch to smoke and more!

I sent the following to a guest who stayed for 2 nights while I was out of town skiing for 2 weeks. It is self-explanatory. My question is what would you do? She has not responded and probably will not.
There are a few issues with your stay here.

  1. You and your friends invaded, smoked and hung out in the private enclosed screened in porch with a latch on the door after I informed you that it was not allowed. And left a dirty ash tray with cigarette butts.
  2. While in the private porch you turned on the space heater to high and left it on after your departure. That is a FIRE HAZZARD.
  3. I am missing a lead crystal ash tray that was used as a door stopper for the master bedroom.
  4. Broiler pan is burnt and will need to be replaced.
  5. Had more than 4 people here. Your reservation was for 4 people!

You’ll leave an honest and unemotional review. If you want to be reimbursed for the missing/damaged items you’ll have to open a request via Airbnb. Same for if there is an extra person charge for the extra guests.


What is it you were expecting in response to this message? Seems to me a person who is this disrespectful isn’t going to say anything in response that will help you in any way, and likely won’t respond at all.

Nothing wrong with letting a guest know their behavior was poor, just not sure what you’re asking for input on here. And if the screened in porch was off-limits to guests, why wasn’t it locked?

All this behavior should be outlined in the review you give her, with a “cannot recommend”.


You didn’t ask a question, though it’s very possible that she wouldn’t respond even if you did.

Your first step is to itemize the amount that you want Joyce to pay through the Resolution Center, make that request to pay by a specified date. [You’ll need to look for or come up with documentation to support the charges. Attach the documentation in picture files appended to the message]. All communications on the platform. [I don’t know if AirCover would pay for the extra guests.] You might have additional cleaning related to cleaning the porch.

If the guest has not paid by the specified date, then you go to Airbnb for reimbursement, at least for the broiler pan and ash tray. I understand how disrespectful and literally invasive these guests were but the dollar damages seem small. $100? $150? before any additional guest fees.

It sounds like you either don’t have sufficient outside cameras, or a co-Host, or both. In the future, with a local co-Host and cameras that covered the exterior property you would at least know of the excess guests, ideally the porch use. The cameras (and signage, lock) might have deterred this. If not, you or the co-Host could have immediately confronted the guest.

It sounds like you don’t know the exact number.

Was this marked ‘private’? Locked? It should be. Does the listing/house rules state it is private and not part of the listing? Is smoking against house rules?

BTW, is it really impossible to clean/use the broiler pan?

Post a review that says something like (edit appropriately): “Guest entered a portion of the home that was marked off limits, smoked there, both a violation of house rules. Turned on ‘high’ and left ‘on’ a space heater in off-limits area, creating fire hazard, One household item is missing, for which the guest has not responded to a request for explanation. A broiler pan was burnt beyond possibility for use. Guest brought in unregistered guests, exceeding the reservation count. Uncommunicative. Would not recommend.”