Bad guests followed by a gift from Airbnb

Just thought I’d share this.

I had a couple stay last week. Mid 50’s I guess. They arrived at a bad time for me. I was co-hosting a memorial service for a dear friend and was doing all the food. I couldn’t cancel their stay as the death wasn’t an immediate family member. Penalty for cancelling would have been 12 months loss of superhost status and possible 30 day de-listing.

So, because their space is a self-contained granny flat, I put on my game face, welcomed them and just told them what was going on for me over the next few days. They arrived a few hours late, but no big deal. I carried their luggage up to their room, 2 hours later she called to ask if she could come and do some laundry (I ended up doing it for her). You know, the usual bend-over-backwards air host stuff some of us suckers do. They were a friendly couple and at the end of the stay raved about how much they’d love it.

Then came the review. 4 stars across the board - which really gave me the s**ts. So, I sent her an email and asked what had been the issue with the welcome, the cleanliness, the communication, the arrival etc.

She flipped out. Told me she was going to send my email to Airbnb and went on like an embarrassed and spoiled brat. I replied she should do just that, as all I’d done was ask what was wrong.

I rang Airbnb, explained a complaint would be on it’s way from the guest. They were amazing. Told me not to worry about it and then today I just received a beautiful gift from Airbnb. Three mini succulents in white pots with a mini matching watering can! It came with a note saying ‘thanks for all the hard work and effort I put into hosting.’

I’m just gobsmacked. So thought I’d share.


That’s lovely … did air delete her review then?

Sorry to hear about the loss of your friend and on top of it, the clueless and rude guests. But very happy to hear that the gift ABB sent you provided you a little happiness.

I dont understand, you were upset for getting 4 stars instead of 5?

5’s are important to maintaining Superhost status.

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Thanks for sharing that story - helps balance out all the bad ones.

I recently called airbnb in tears - we had had to cancel our 10 day family vacation and I had to cancel two bookings as a guest. Since I have three kids I always book with ‘moderate’. I apologized profusely to the hosts and they were very gracious. I lost the fees, of course - knew I would have to and that’s that. Later I booked a place for a 4 night stay just a few hours away as a truncated plan-b get away.

Then, the extensive car repairs that cancelled the first vaca were extended and became more extensive, threatening our plan b. To late to cancel so we’d lose it all, and the place wasn’t available days following our booking so we couldn’t just change the dates - and we are booked for the summer so this was going to be it for my family. I called air cs a bit weepy knowing there was nothing they could do but thought I’d see what our options were, just in case.

He was so kind and refunded all our fees from the cancelled trip - though I didn’t even ask for that. He was clear that we could not cancel the booking starting the next day which of course I was cool with.

We did end up able to take the trip as the repairs got so extended that our rental was covered fully (as part of our warranty) and, in the end, the repairs ended up being covered except for a deductible. We had a great time and being treated so nicely by airbnb really helped that. We used the refunded money to go horseback riding which we would not have been able to do otherwise.

So yes, sometimes, they do give us hosts an extra measure and I was very pleased.

Oh, PS - I referred the hosts I had to cancel for the free mattress offer - if they are able to use it they will at least have benefited in some way!!


…and I think they just wanted to know what had been ‘off’ so it could be corrected. I think it was her freaking out and threatening to complain to airbnb the prompted the call.

No, there’s nothing that can be done and I didn’t want it removed. Was just giving them the heads up that a complaint was coming their way…

Don’t want to lose my Superhost status. There are literally hundreds of Airbnb’s within a stone’s throw from my place. It helps me stand out.

You poor thing. What a disappointment with the car and the holiday etcetera.
I’m sure Airbnb looked after you as you are a host of long standing (and good standing) and I think they’ve realised that it’s good to give a little back from time to time. I’m always feeling as though they expect more from hosts so this was a really nice response from them.

As for my guests, I did look up her profile yesterday and despite having stayed at several places, mine is the first she reviewed. I’ve sent Air a suggestion that guests need to understand what they’re rating when they rate hosts.
Would love to hear if anyone staying as a guest gets guidance from Airbnb next time they go to leave a review.

Thanks for the comments.

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Thanks. I’m sure I would have reacted differently if I didn’t already have 4 friends staying and had spent the past few days drinking and crying and not getting any sleep!

Cool story, good of you to take the time to share.

some guests would never be satisfied. i went the extra miles, literaly for a guest, took
her on a day trip 2 hr. drive from my city, cooked for her indian food just because she told me she loves indian food,
Helped her with her computer, spent many hr. talking to her and i got luk warm review. Go figure people.