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Bad guest. Bad, bad guest

So we had a party of 4 smoke in the accommodation. Not just smoke BUT, chain smoke. Then left the used cigarettes in the waste basket. The accommodation is a quality canvas glamping Bell Tent set in in the medium/high desert of the Navajo. Our house rules are NO smoking and Trash In/Trash Out. In fact there is no smoking on our ranch as it is an extreme fire hazard. It is a desert environment. However, when you’re young, ignorant, and walking with a sense of entitlement greater than the blue bloods such dangers and rules do not apply. Apparently.

We requested they turn over the security deposit to pay for the laundering and dry cleaning of all sleeping pads, bedding, linens, sleeping bags, and Pendleton wool blankets. We’ll have to drive 2 hrs each way (to and from Flagstaff, AZ) to have the items dry cleaned. They’ve refused. So we’ve opened a resolution case with Airbnb. It is without a doubt they will now retaliate and post a less than flattering review. We have hosted numerous guests. Well into the thousands. It is a joy save for these rare moments.


Wow, I’m so sorry this happened to you. I hope you’ll let Airbnb know that they not only violated your rules by smoking; they did so in a fire hazard area. I assume that Airbnb will cancel their account.


I don’t understand why anyone would seek out the environment of your listing, and then not honor not only your rules, but common sense! So sorry to hear of these inconsiderate guests, putting not only your facility but your whole area in danger of fire! Sometimes, I think it’s easier to be an on-site host, as a rule such as no smoking would have been noticed and would have become grounds for cancelling their reservation and having them leave,
Please keep us updated on whether or not ABB sides with you in any way.


Post to the bad guest private lounge


Reiterate what I just posted or use actual name?

@shashdineecoretreat - I can only imagine the rage, grief, and frustration you felt when you found out about this. What a disappointment - as @brook2adks says, why would anyone come to your special place and then treat it this way?

Do keep us posted.

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Why are some people like this?? It absolutely baffles me that they want such a beautiful setting and treat it with such carelessness. I’m sad for you and I’ll be sure to make a mental note of the name of the booking guest so we don’t accept them. :frowning: Yes please let us know what Air’s decision this is. Very curious…Common sense it will be in your favor.

I sent you an invite to the bad guest lounge by pm

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I have to add you. Once you are on the private thread, please take a screen shot of them.

These people risked starting a fire and burning acres of land, peoples’ homes, animals, etc. If it were me, I would do everything in my power to get them banned from Airbnb and link their profile in every possible forum. This behavior is seriously dangerous. It should not be only an elite few who know to avoid them like the plague.


They most definitely will not cancel their account. I would bet money. A slap on the wrist, at best.


Sorry to hear this :frowning:

May I ask what will happen after host open a resolution case with Airbnb?

So it’s gone to Airbnb involvement. The guest freely admits in message thread to placing the cigarettes into the trash bag and leaving the trash there. Claims a preposterous story that they did not smoke inside or outside but rather they all cleaned out their back packs and put the used cigarettes into the small trash receptacle inside the glamping tent. And then left it there. Refuses to pay. No apology. In fact it us who are in the wrong according to the guest. A sense of entitlement I find repulsive.

I hope the cigarette butts are going to be enough proof to win - sending you good vibes. This topic deserves it’s own thread “Guests caught smoking - how did you win your claim”. That proof thing is horribly stacked against the host when it comes to smoking. @azreala was successful because there was a witness but I can’t remember all the details of what was awarded and not awarded (i.e. I don’t think Airbnb actually paid for any new linens). Others have said that there was no way to prove the smell so they lost their case and didn’t get anything at all. Outside of a witness, what else can we do to protect ourselves against smokers? Security cameras are so invasive when placed inside of the home, but is this the only way to provide appropriate proof?

Do let us know if cigarette butts tipped the scales in your favour!!


I was just thinking about this, especially for @shashdineecoretreat. Her place is more than an accommodation, it’s a sacred space, imo. And to get all political about it, to have white people come in and disrespect this land and it’s people in this way borders on sacrilege! You can’t put cameras inside a glamping tent or one room hogan. In common spaces or outside but I don’t like the idea of cameras outside here either. Again, due to the kind of place it is. If I were @shashdineecoretreat I’d forbid smokers or tobacco possession altogether and then cigarette evidence might be useful in proving a case.


Great idea, @KKC, as always. "Any evidence of tobacco use of any kind will result in…

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A home is sacred. Ours is no more sacred than yours. Even a Hogan, which is first and foremost a home AND the center of Navajo ceremonial activity. It is painful when the rare guest arrives and is disrespectful. Entitled. Petty. Abusive. Rude. We enjoy hosting. We honestly do. We’ve met countless interesting persons here at our ranch - from all walks of life. From the a top executive for Warner Brothers to the school teacher. :slight_smile:

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Posted a screenshot.


If they admitted doing it, on the Air messenger I hope, then you have the “smoking gun” so to speak .

When you talk to Air I would emphasize the brush fire issue.

If things don’t go your way, threaten to name and shame publicly.

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