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Baby I'm dismazed


at the way I clean you all the time.

I had some spare time to do some extra cleaning today. I got on my hands and knees with a damp magic eraser so I could clean the grout lines and the baseboards in the bathroom and the tiled entry/hallway in the rental. I was also armed with a white towel with which to polish the floor dry. I was amazed and dismayed to see how dirty the floor is after just one night. One person in the room for about 16 hours and the magic eraser and the towel were really dirty. I don’t know if my mopping methods aren’t very effective, if last nights’s guest had dirtier than usual shoes or it that it just the way it is. I’ll be experimenting with mopping followed by polishing dry with white towels for the next few turnovers.

It’s also a revelation in get on my hands and knees and get a good look at the walls about a foot up from the floor. Lots of little dark dots in a fairly widespread area near the entry door that look like a dog with a bloody ear tip shaking it’s head, which it could be.


That’s my guess.

I have a brilliant little iRobot floor cleaner thingy and even if the floor looks really clean the little robot ALWAYS picks up loads of dirt, fluff and hair. So it definitely does a great job, especially as it’s small enough to travel underneath furniture and clean under it, but seeing how much it picks up is pretty scary.


Mad dust settles on my window screens in literally one night. I read that they found dust traced to the Gobi Desert on top of Mauna Kea.


I wet mop my kitchen tile every night after dinner (or the next morning if I’m too whupped), and it never fails ~ the cloth always wrings out tan-colored water.

The water is clear after the second go-over but how the heck does it get that dirty on a daily basis!!


Our bathroom is small and we do that on hands and knees with spray cleaner and microfiber cloths. For the rest of the floors, we use this spray mop with washable velcro microfiber pads. We have loads of the microfiber pads for the mop head and change them frequently as we go. We’re all about the waterless cleaning.


I have four different mops. My favorite is the steam mop and I have tons of pads so I don’t mop with a dirty pad. The others I uses for this small space are a swiffer with microfiber cloth or a Cedar-O with a big washable pad. In all cases I rinse or change the cloth or pad after just a few square feet. I think the key to a truly clean floor, just like any surface, is polishing it dry. If you just mop the floor it’s going to have some residue that dries on it. Imagine washing a window or mirror repeatedly but never polishing it dry.

I’ve also posted about elsewhere about getting hair off of linens that have been washed. Then there’s the dust. I’ve just put a new HEPA filter with foam prefilter in the room. It will be interesting to see how much dust a couple of guests stir up.


Sounds like you’ve got great tools. Perhaps things are settling into the grout, a place that’s harder for the flat mop surface to reach. Possibly also try a different cleaner that leaves less/no residue. I do think the polishing ends up being a kind of second cleaning but works!

(BTW, your Beetles “Maybe I’m Amazed” reference made me laugh.)


They certainly do although this is new tile with the tiniest possible grout line.

With the steam mop I’m only using distilled water and most of the time I only use plain water. Maybe I need to start using some product. LOL. BTW, people love vinegar for everything but I don’t like the smell and I have so many back to backs that I don’t want the room to smell like vinegar when the new guest arrives.


Where is this please? Hair is a constant problem for us, especially because we accept animals.


I buy the Scotch Brite sticky lint rollers in bulk at Costco. They can also be purchased on Amazon. If you are not in the US I know IKEA makes some but they are much smaller (fewer sticky sheets) and not nearly as good a value. I roll them over the linens both before an after washing.

For guests who bring pets I provide an old sheet or blanket and ask that they use that on top of the bed to help minimize dog hair on the linens. Then I launder that separately with other dog items that I need to wash.
I also get on my hands and knees and use the roller on the carpet periodically, always after a guest with pets. The vacuum just doesn’t get up all the hair.


Thanks. We use rollers but the quality may be the issue…just not very sticky. I’ll see if I can order some Sotch Brites on Amazon.
Something I find intriguing…I can never predict who will be leaving a heavy load of hair. Very few after some very hairy looking people, and more dog-level quantities left by very “clean-looking” folks.


That’s true. One of the worst dogs was a boxer, very short hairs that were a lot of work to get off of everything. Sometimes the humans are worse than their dogs.

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