Awful Hosting Experience This Past Weekend

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Sucks. What is the occupancy of your place? If one person books a place that accommodates 12 that would be a huge red flag for me.

Good luck with your claim. Other hosts have had trouble collecting, so you may be in for a battle.

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We hear a lot of the horror stories on here, but not the ones that are resolved to the hosts’ satisfaction. Those cases DO happen, but you have to make sure you follow all the Airbnb processes to the letter.

It sounds like you already claimed damages through resolution center. That’s good. Add any additional documentation you have.
Follow the process outlined here:

Also, as boring as it is, read through the TOS. Having read this, you’ll know more about their policies than 90% of the customer service people and avoid any pitfalls.

To avoid this in the future please put some safeguards in place to ensure that things run as you expect them to. Many of us have outdoor cameras which catch unauthorized guests before it got to a worst case situation. If that’s not your style there are other solutions like nosy neighbors or apps that will count the number of devices connected to your wifi.

Good luck!


What a nightmare. Keep us posted on how it turns out and completely burn her in the review in case she ever tries to do the same thing to another unsuspecting host.


I files claimed twice. Once I got 75% of what I claimed and once only 25%

We did once for some minor damage. Air didn’t make the guest pay but instead reimbursed us themselves $50.

6 people total is our occupancy limit. Bed wise, really only 4, with two on couches.

How large were the claims?

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700$ and 350$.
They ask me to buy items needing replacement first and send them receipts

What was replaced? i’m curious

I replaced comforter, burned pots, chair and vase. Also sent them.billl from cleaners