Awaiting Payment - now 72 hours?

Today is the second time in a week I have received this message:

Sally has 72 hours to complete payment, or their reservation will be canceled, penalty-free. The guest has been notified and no action is needed from you.

It used to be 24 hours.
I don’t think it gave me an option to decline the reservation either.
(Location - United States - I know things can be different in different areas of the world.)

I had this happen to me once, inconveniently it happened while I was communicating with another potential guest regarding a request for the same dates. I just called customer service and asked if they could cancel the reservation so as to free up my calendar for the inquiring guest. The rep obliged without any penalty to me. Easy peasy.

Is this for a new reservation or a recurring charge on a long term one?

I just had this happen too and it was 24 hours with an option to decline.

It just happened to me for the first time. The guest sent me a message initially so I kept reminding him how much time was left but he didn’t make contact again, the 72 hours ran out and Air cancelled his booking.

I have had the 24 hour option happen a lot of times. I message the guest and tell them that they need to sort it in the next hour or I will decline their reservation.

After and hour I phone Airbnb, they contact the guest and either payment is made or I ask for the reservation to be declined.
It is unfair that my calendar can be blocked for 24 hours by someone who (usually) doesn’t have the money to pay.

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I can usually handle 24 hours. It is the 72 hours that I am shocked by!
This reservation is for 15 days away, and they are going to make me wait 3 days for payment!

Usually what I have found is the credit card has flagged the transaction as fraud. It does take some time for the guest to get ahold of their credit card and for the transaction to be released.