"Awaiting Payment". Helpful Air CS

I had a RTB at 9 am, to stay tonight, which I accepted.
Air then posts the following under the detail “Awaiting Payment”;-

“This booking is almost confirmed. We have asked the guest to complete their payment within the next day”. Whaaat? They are due to stay tonight, and my calendar is now blocked, with one of our busiest weekends for last minute trips out of London to the coast. Like this one.

I messaged him back, politely, to ask him to process payment as soon as possible, given they want to stay tonight. No response.

Then I notice he’s only booked for one person, not the two people named in his RTB. Message again but no response.

Just a rant really, well, not really, given such a good experience of CS; I called them and have had a brilliant amount of help. The guest’s payment had failed, so they ca helped him sort it out, including amending the booking to two people. The best bit is that the CS rep, a host himself in London, has confirmed that he’s a really nice bloke to speak to. What more could a person ask for!