Awaiting for new added payout account verification & Airbnb payment

Hello, is there anyone hosts like me? As I have changed a new added payout account on Dec 13, 2019, and 2nd time on Dec 24 (as I remember) then set it as default till now (It is more than 1 month ago from the 1st time), however it is still indicated “pending”, it means, we do not & can not reach our payments as well from Airbnb. I tried to contact Airbnb Support Team for many times, and they found out that the trouble, it is a technical issue. The Airbnb Support Team is always answer my messages as the same, their technical team is fixing, they are working, please wait, bla bla… but no more info, no exact date to fix it out, nothing change till now. And I just wait and wait, day by day till now. Is there anyone/hosts got the same trouble & issue like me? How I can do to reach our payment as well?
P/S: I contacted with Airbnb Support Team almost by messages on Help Center Channel, 1 time by calling via phone on Help Center, but it is really help. Do I need to send a strong email to Airbnb to resolve it? If yes, do anyone advise me an email. Thank you.

Try them on social media @BlueApartment

Thank you Helsi, I will contact them by this way. Let’s see the outcome…