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Averaging 2500 views per month. Suddenly I’m at 25000 views. Is this a website glitch?

Anyone seeing sudden astronomical views on their listings? I average 2500 views give or take. Suddenly I look today and it’s 10x that amount, almost 25000 views in a rolling 30 day period. Can’t be right.

Nope, but that’s what happens when Airbnb let the children loose on the site code. Like three year olds with a bucket of lego.

We haven’t had any views on one property, yet still manage to get an enquiry.



I never look. The stats you get from Airbnb are very basic and not a lot of good.

Remember when everyone’s stats, I think it was on response rate, went to 0% one day?
I sure wish they would hire some mature, experienced techies.

They don’t pay enough. Stock options don’t pay the bills when the company doesn’t go public (and when they do half the founding software team exits to spend a year surfing).

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And we’d be the ones paying for it in increased fees.

And yet they had a spare half a mil kicking around to donate to BLM. (not that I’m opposed to the cause, just opposed to the way Airbnb budgets its money)

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