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Automatic price updater

Hi everyone,

Just wondering what everyone’s thoughts are on the price checking and updater (‘price match tips’) for each night.

I use it all the time and find it quite useful to get the best price for each night. Sometimes it’s a bit strange, I updated my nightly prices this morning around 9ish then went back into the calendar half an hour later and it states that my price match was only 5%

For me their price tip is way to low. There is a limit on how low in price I can go , but 37$ a night what they advice is just way too low.


Sometimes too high sometimes too low.
I get the feeling that it’s actually my own price that it’s using to give suggested pricing for the immediate area, as there aren’t too many in the IMMEDIATE area!

My pricing strategy was also different, in that the initial pricing was simply to generate traffic rather than maximize on value per booking. That is now changing as the review pile up!

I don’t pay any attentions to it. Instead, I look at other airbnb listings in my area and match mine to theirs.


Have you tried using services like beyondpricing? Any luck?

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It won’t let me link my air account - strange

Yeah I tend to do both as something’s the price match is way below the second cheapest for my neighbourhood.

I must admit we’re the same now in some respects. Now that we’ve built up a few good reviews…

Hey @Kirsty_Jane - shoot me an email (if you haven’t already emailed Beyond support) and I’ll figure out why you’re not able to link your account: ian@beyondpricing.com

Sometimes you need to create a password if you normally sign-in with Facebook.

I have been a host since Jan 2011 one of the firsts 5000 hosts in London since then I have hosted over 600 people in two rooms one longer term up to 4 months at a time for visiting students and academics at a competative rental rate for a studio with shared kitchen bathroom for the area- and then a holiday let to tourists - this room in 2011 was 55 per night plus cleaning 30 as a cleaner comes 2 times a week - noone had a problem with the price and were happy to get a room in central london 17min walk to the river and london eye -for half price of a hotel room with breakfast thrown in - in 2014 I put up the price to 57 and 61 at weekends - these rates were based on things like lift in building 24hour security 4 mins from tube 10mins to west end and city over looking a park and private gardens - I have had since I started 98% year round full rooms - to my horror lasy year I discovered that london now hosts 35thousand properties many managed by companies so not really hosts raither estate agents - and now in order to compete I have to let my room for 32-45 per night - in order to get bookings due to the competition in the area - I am to say the least dismayed that airbnb are still advertising for more hosts - this business model only works for airbnb who are looking to sell shares and go public - and has nothing to do with iether the sharing economy or tourism industries - there are only so many plans and trains a day into the capital - likewize hotels are forcing down thier prices - good for tourists and restaurants, tourguides, museums, theaters, etc all of whom can put up thier prices - and this upswing is absorbed by our loses - hmmmm - time for a rethink about it all

I’m another one who will not go below $40/night for my house share arrangement. Airbnb does not have the ability to adequately factor in local events which increase demand in rural areas such as mine.

Yes, the hype they claim to promoting the ‘sharing economy’ is certainly not being practiced by them when they allow hotels, motels, and management companies to list with them! It’s my only disgruntlement with airbnb. But, ABB is still the best platform for me to gain bookings.

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