Automatic cancellation

It’s been a while since we had a posting about automatic cancellations

Here’s what I think is a new spin

Ex neighbors who have rented from me off Airbnb platform off season several times in past. I can’t juggle private rentals during the season. (Too easy to double book. ).

They signed up, made reservation request, I accepted, few hours later auto-cancellation. I contacted Airbnb and explained history. They could not explain cancellation to me, said they could only explain to guest

Guest contacted Airbnb, found out it was related to 15 -20 yr old arrest. It was related to his wild younger drinking & partying days. Sober now. Has 10 yr chip plus more.

They won’t approve him now, even at my request.

Alcoholism is a medical condition. After over a decade of clean living, he is being punished.

For all Airbnb’s rhetoric about not allowing discrimination this feels discriminatory (btw he is of color)

Arrest rates are higher for people of color. Conviction rates (percentage of arrests convicted) are higher for people of color.


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It’s interesting that they are actually doing background checks now. Can’t you simply block off the days they want and rent directly? They sound like the kind of rental worth doing a little extra for.

And I agree their rules on criminal background checks are arbitrary. They will boot a guest or host with a decades old conviction yet scammers and thieves make reservations every day.


I can but I’ve already been bitten by my blocked days becoming unblocked and getting a double booking.

Also I had a personal crisis the day this was all happening and just couldn’t handle it. (add me to the 1.6M new unemployment claims this week). Tomorrow is a new day. I may be up for it then

I am surprised that a superhost must go off platform to do this type of rental.

I’m very sorry to read this. I also read my friends decided to take the American Airlines offer to leave with a severance package. It’s sobering.

I had a situation about 2 years ago where they wouldn’t help me. I found a way to get my info to the guest and booked them directly, cutting Airbnb out. It’s ridiculous.

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Annet3176 - The trick I learned here to protect from double-booking is to make those dates a crazy-high number (I add $1000 a night to the rate) and then block the dates. That way, if they get unblocked, we wouldn’t get a booking anyway, especially not before noticing the dates are unblocked.


AirBnB is now doing criminal background checks without authorization? Did I miss something?

They have certainly been doing this at least for the last four years @casailinglady. They use a third party agency to do the vetting for them. I believe they only do the more detailed personal checks (hosts and guests) in the US.

They don’t need your authorisation, you sign up to them doing this when you join.

I joined in 2012 as a guest and 2016 (?) as a host and I don’t remember seeing that, but hey, I’m blonde.

That it’s so arbitrary, especially for someone with a 10 yr chip, and yet scammers abound, baffles me.

I would just block out the dates.

Whenever Airbnb has created a double booking - happened to me about five times. They have taken responsibility and cancelled.

I’m sorry, but I think that post is seriously blondist.



I had to argue with them in the past, they acted like it was impossible for them to have unblocked dates. Speaking of things being changed, I just discovered AGAIN this morning that my listings had the check in time removed. I noticed and fixed this awhile back when a guest declared they would be checking in at 8:00 AM

It is exhausting to have to check everything all the time.

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Every single time I’ve looked, since at least February, my check in times have been removed.

I finally just put the check-in time in my house rules so that I don’t have to worry about it anymore.


This has been happening to me as well. Fortunately every guest, so far, that has chosen an 11am check in time has been understanding.

I’m closed but was looking at my listing this morning (for the cleaning designation) and decided to look around at where I’d show in search. I had to tweak some things that I can set for the beginning of the pandemic before I closed and noticed my check in time missing. So I guess I’ll have to start checking again regularly once reopening approaches.

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You might have better luck than me, but every time I check it is missing - whether I wait 5 minutes or 5 days. There doesn’t seem to be anyway to keep it from disappearing. I’d recommend adding it to your house rules for CYA.

You can set a seasonal requirement that guests who book during that date span have to book for a 1000 day minimum. That effectively makes it unavailable.

It’s stayed set for about 2 hours now. I’ll check again tomorrow.

Because you didn’t see it, it’s in the Terms of Service that you agreed that you had read (but didn’t) when you signed up.

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