Automatic Acceptance of Reservation Change Request?

Has this happened to anyone else?

I currently have a long term guest who was scheduled to stay through April 31st. She texted me this morning that she’s found a new place and will be leaving instead on March 31st. I had not had a chance to respond to her message when my phone notified me that she’d requested a reservation change. I still hadn’t had a chance to look at Airbnb on my computer, because I was discussing our options with my husband.

While we were discussing it, my tenant figured out that by Airbnb rules she’s on the hook to pay us through April 15th, so she sent me a text asking if she should take her new place on April 15th instead of April 1st. This was acceptable to us, so I sent her a return text saying so.

I then logged into Airbnb to officially accept the reservation change. My dashboard showed two notifications, each one saying that a change request had been cancelled. I wasn’t sure how to proceed so I called Air. The CSR told me to look at my inbox, which I did. There, it stated that I had accepted the change request, but I HAD NOT! I was calling Airbnb in order to figure out how to do so!

Has this ever happened to anyone else here? If not, I guess this is notice that something like that can happen!

How strange. What did Airbnb say?

The CSR said he’d never seen anything like that before, but that he would take it to the technology dept and get back to me with any relevant information.

This update just in. Below is text copied from an email that was sent from Airbnb:

Thank you for calling Airbnb, this is Brent we spoke on the phone in regards to the alteration that was made today.
I have looked into the error we found that the alteration was accepted without your approval and it has been reported to the technical team. They have confirmed it is an error in the system and they will work to resolve this issue.

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I had this happen with two back to back long term reservations. Airbnb never acknowledged my claim of the issue. Luckily I had already explained to the first guest what date would end up being paid out to (based on his initial 92 day reservation) and he had agreed. This Airbnb agreed to charge in accordance after I insisted. I think they only did that because they could see the guest agreed.

They still charged the guest their full service fees and charged him an additional $2xx of which I received $21. When I told them he should not be charged that much they claimed it was to cover taxes. My requests to speak with someone who dealt with taxes went unfulfilled.

I suggested to the guest that he try since he shouldn’t have been charged that much (taxes should not be more than the charge, let alone 9 times more!!! He tried but didn’t get anywhere and I ended up with a 4 on value…oh well. I tried.

I suggest always spelling out to the guest how those alterations etc will go when dealing with long term and trying to get them to agree, or at least acknowledge it. It helps your chances of getting paid at least in accordance w AirBnB’s own long term policy that they force on you (even without any intent to follow it).

I also had my VERY FIRST booking as a long term and the guest checked in but never stayed. We had done a Meet & Greet with her Great Pyrenees who would be joining her. Airbnb tried to give me NOTHING from it and I didn’t know much experience wise and was able to get $52 out of them. The lady actually already knew me and had offered to help me when I met her A few months prior but her plans had changed and she claimed that since I outranked her in the military she was not allowed to stay with me legally…not true but she got most of her money back and then didn’t even leave me a review… :roll_eyes: