Automated "upcoming guest reminder" from AIRBNB

For awhile now I get email reminders from AIRBNB about upcoming guests, a week in advance. I have daily guests and don’t need or want an email reminding me of someone coming next week and telling me to be sure and reach out to them and other such nudges to do what I do quite well. It’s annoying. I’ve looked for ways to stop getting these and can’t find a way to change the setting. Is there a way? I’ve been doing this business seven years and prefer not to be treated like a clueless novice.

Ignore them, that’s what I do. I get tons of email I don’t want. The delete button is my friend



There are notifications you can’t turn off because too many hosts aren’t good hosts. Airbnb gets a lot of calls from guests who find places that haven’t been cleaned or they can’t get in. Believe it or not, some hosts completely forget they had guests coming. So we all get punished because some hosts don’t know what they are doing.

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So, you’ve answered my question. I can’t turn them off. And yes, I just delete them. I shouldn’t be so annoyed but I am. But hosts who don’t have their act together enough to have to be reminded are obviously not cut out for hosting and by virtue of flub-ups should just be canned from the platform rather than annoying the rest of us!

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I agree. Everyone can make a mistake but if it happens a few times, delete them. But Airbnb has to keep the host numbers high because it looks good on the earnings report and the press releases.

I have it set up so they go to their own folder and I empty it occasionally :grin:


Here’s another argument against such nonsense: Anyone who is ditzy enough to need reminded every time they have an upcoming booking will receive NO help from sending a reminder a week ahead of time!! That kind of cerebral void will need it the morning of…just sayin… And will NOT be a successful host. They will give the company a bad name so their number won’t help AIR look good. Just me spouting off…

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Look. I hate this phrase but ‘it is what it is’. Live with it or use somewhere else to advertise your rental.

Ive always assumed the timing triggered by my cancellation policy. Ie at 7+1 days they remind the guest, which (sometimes) results in cancellation before the penalty; then at 7 days I get the email.
I agree, it drives me nuts. Plus I also get the text message. One of those ‘benefits’ of automation that costs the company nothing, probably results in a handful of useful outcomes, and has a long tail of inconvenience for the rest of us.

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