Auto price changes to my listing (not using price tips)

I price my 3br condo in Aspen at $499/night (there is a music festival in town). Every 24 hours or so I get a booking at $143/night. I decline the booking. Change my calendar back to $499/night. Next day same thing happens.

I have called Airbnb support and they can’t find anything that is doing this.

I have to decline people on a daily basis. Anyone have any ideas as to what is causing this behavior?


What is your minimum price set on Smart Pricing - if you use it?

smart pricing is off (when i flip it on it shows $300 as the minimum)

Wow, and Airbnb say they have no idea?

First, I spoke with a rep. Then I requested a manager. He emailed me saying, “If you are still having problems (let us know).” So I emailed him back saying yes still having problems. Seems like they just want me to go away.

I may try deleting the entire listing and re-drafting it as new.

try setting on smart pricing and change prices in smart pricing, wait it to be saved in airbnb, then uncheck smart pricing and reset price in calendar. it should do the trick

I had this problem and it turned out a trial I had with was still going. I was sure I had cancelled it. They were also sending me emails to an email I never check beseeching me to pay for the service I was getting even though the trial should have expired.

I am having same problem. We are always 100% full and we have not had a booking in weeks, our busiest time of year. When I log in prices are at 85+ when my normal rate is $50/night. I change them and save it. A day later back to high pricing. I cancelled my beyondpricing account. Will try the smart price off/on trick. Good advice everyone.