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Austin, TX On-Demand Cleaning



Hello Everyone!

I am a new host in the Austin market. I own/manage 7 units throughout UT/downtown area. I just wanted to let all hosts in Austin know of a service I have recently begun to undertake. They are known as Office Buddy. They provide on-demand cleaning, maintenance, and laundry services for my airbnb units. The pricing is super affordable. I am being charged $25/unit/clean and $1.50/lb for laundry.

I highly recommend as they are new and very flexible. Reach out to me at 919-621-9437 if you would like more info.


I am sure this isn’t the case.

But by making your first post here one that advertises a service you offer, you make it sound like you have just joined to promote a commercial service.

Why not use your experience of managing 8 Airbnb to contribute to the life of the forum and then where relevant you can always mention your business.

That’s why others with a Airbnb related business on here do. Makes you much more credible :slight_smile:


Hi Helsi,

I appreciate the insight and agree wholeheartedly. Thank you for reaching out.


It’s 11:47 PM. I have guests checking in in 30 minutes. I need you NOW but I’m on the other side of Dallas from you! If you can do that, you deserve to call yourself on-demand cleaning…


Stupidly, ridiculously cheap. As a guest, I wouldn’t like to stay in a place that had been cleaned for $25. As a host I’d be horribly embarrassed to offer my guests a place that had been cleaned for $25.


Agreed! It also sounds like a violation of Airbnb’s Living Wage Pledge.
“For cleaners who are self-employed, a minimum of $25 per hour is considered to be a living wage”
I don’t think you can properly clean an entire unit in an hour.

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