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Aurstralian Airbnb Hosts


Hi all, just new here - and proud to have just achieved Airbnb SuperHost status after just 8 months (thanks Airbnb!). I’m keen to connect with other Australian hosts specifically to share and discuss tax tips. If there are any of you out there, would love to hear from you.
Thanks and great to be part of this community


Hi @Glad

We have been hosting for about a year and recently added our second property. Congrats on the Super Host status. We are not 5 star so I am not expecting super host status although all our other categories are great. One of our places is very unusual, off the grid and rustic, no wifi and totally off the grid. It doesn’t suit everyone but we love it.


You don’t have to be 5 star to get SuperHost status Shanghai, I’m certainly not. You just have to have consistently good reviews, quick response rate, etc. so you could still achieve that. It’s automatic now and the next review will be 1 October (it’s quarterly). Good luck! Your off the grid listing sounds great.

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