Attempting to use "host guarantee"

Guest put tiny rips several places in the pool table felt and broke a pool stick in half. I’m not even trying to recuperate for the other stuff they damaged bc idk who to get a quote from for refinishing the 3 month old coffee table that now has scratches completely covering the surface. Air bnb is asking me to “get an invoice” for the pool stick and official invoice for the pool table refelting. (I sent them the quote on typed letterhead from the pool table repairman). Does anyone know how to get an invoice on a pool cue? Or can help in any way? Quickly bc of course, the pressure is on me to get it to them in 72 hours. Air bnb is also claiming my pictures of the rips and tears “did not show damage”. Interesting way to screw the host. Nice “host guarantee”.

I would just go back to whoever you bought the pool cue from and ask them to send you a copy of the receipt.

I would also get a quote to replace your coffee table/get a copy of the invoice for the original.

What is the 72 hours for? Not aware of any such requirement.

Best to get payment direct from the Guest.

Must be in reference to this:

This is a Host Guarantee claim, I agree the SD would usually be the first port of call, well just getting the money direct would be for me.

Good luck with your claim. I just had a guest cause $1250 worth of damages , dog chewed carpet , all comforters ruined and a broken tv
Airbnb are offering me $30
Hope you’re not dealing with Lily. She’s very unhelpful

I had $300 damage and recouped $50. I will never rely upon the ABB system again for damage collection

Did you appeal?..

There is an arbitration process, the terms were changed some time last year, used to be a simple option.

Loyalty USA, ya, Airbnb paid for one pool cue, but nothing else, and denied there was damage to the pool felt in the pics clearly showing the damage. They only paid for the pool cue BC the guest admitted it in conversation thread. Of course, guest denied the other stuff and was never to be heard from again. $1250! My gosh, that’s terrible! And very discouraging, I’m sure!