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Are you allowed to renounce super host status

Hello I just wanted to ask all of you a question that if you’re allowed to reject a super host status since this last quarter I was given a super host but I feel like it’s not really for me and I feel like future guest will expect more from me.

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No, it’s Airbnb’s to give or take as they please. Just put “not a superhost” in your listing and explain how you really don’t want or deserve it. LOL.


If you made Super Host and have tons of 5* reviews from your past guests, then you’re meeting expectations. Why worry now about a status that just gets you listing prominence and a badge?

#coffeeonmonitor. Seriously rotflmao


Least of your worries. The worst that could happen is you might lose Superhost status at some point. Who cares.
Just keep being the good host that you are.

There’s a weird thing about expectations, also. If people see that the in-crowd thinks you are a Superhost, they will be inclined to experience you and rate you as a Superhost.


Why reject it? You earned it and it might help get more bookings. Personally, when I book an Airbnb, I search for superhosts. I suspect many guests do the same.


I appreciate your view guests may see it as an indication of an elevation in service or amenities.

My rental is a no frills (no welcome basket, no wine, no maid service) comfortable, convenient, reasonably priced, whole condo rental.

My condo pics & description clearly set expectations. So far of over 200 guests only 3 have had unreasonable expectations. All failed to read the unit description and had expectations based upon hotel stays

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I’ve held Superhost for years. I’ve never had guests expect some sort of luxury offering. It’s as advertised- a private room/bath for one person. I have 100% 5* reviews.
It’s really not anything to worry about.

Most guests who specifically look for Superhost listings don’t see it as indicating some sort of fancy place with over-the-top amenities. They just see it as meaning the host will be responsive and attentive and not likely to cancel on them.

Superhost isn’t about the property, it’s about the host.


Over eight years of (super)hosting 800 guests, and I’ve had only one that I can remember who mentioned the badge. And it was only to ask me what it meant. I told her it mostly meant I don’t cancel reservations. It is the reason I look for superhosts when I am a guest – cancellations are no fun and superhosts are your best bet for not having to deal with them.
I was a little like you when I first got it, @Gandyv8 , so I understand your worry. I didn’t want anyone to think they were getting anything amazing at my very basic listing. That hasn’t been a problem. Guests are a realistic bunch, on the whole.


I’ve stayed in places that haven’t deserved the SH status. If you deserve it, be proud and keep doing what you do.
I noted after one very unfortunate stay with a so called SH, my review showed just the first sentence on opening the listing. It was not the damning part of my review, so prospective guests might have thought the place would be ok based on that sentence. They’d have to ‘read more’ to see what I really thought.
I now think what to say in that sentence for future reviews.
I’ve gone off on a tangent there, I know, sorry!


I often have squirrel moments…welcome to club

The real issue here is that you have a fear of failure… You’d rather not try, then to try and fail.

What you’re doing is working and that’s why you’re a superhost… So keep doing what you’re doing but add little improvements here and there

They truly won’t. I’ve a suspicion that guests don’t really pay much attention to SH status. As far as they know, it might be an extra that hosts pay for to get more exposure or something.

Over the years I’ve often asked guests what attracted them to our listings. Superhost hasn’t been mentioned once.

As @casailinglady said, your guests are obviously pleased with your place and with you as a host. So I wouldn’t be concerned about it. If you keep it, that’s great. If you lose it because of guests having unrealistic expectations then you’re just going back to where you were. No problem :slight_smile:

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@Gandyv8, it just occurred to me to wonder if you are possibly confusing SuperHost status with Airbnb Plus or Airbnb Luxe. I’m not sure Plus and Luxe still exist from Airbnb.

In either case, both of those distinctions were used by Airbnb to identify something very different from SuperHost.

Luxe properties seem to charge thousands of dollars per night. Plus properties were supposed to be the cream of the crop of SuperHost properties.

SuperHost seems cool, but it honestly isn’t all that special. And as others have mentioned here, guests really don’t seem to pay any attention to it.


If you don’t want it. Just have a friend make some reservations and then cancel on them. :slight_smile:
I have very average quality rentals. But we are SH 19 times in a row… It’s about managing expectations and avoiding catastrophes … It’s better to keep the badge and manage expectations before arrival. So let guests know the quality level to expect, then exceed expectations and be friendly and you will keep happy guests.

Guest will expect more from you, we look at super hosts first because Airbnb has required you / you have met the expectations on rarely cancelling on guests. Booking months in advance in a foreign country, the last thing as a guest I want is to suddenly have to scramble at the last minute to replace a stay, probably now at a higher cost and with a lesser experience, in the wrong part of town. I’ve never had a bad experience with a super host yet, but plenty of average to mediocre experiences with non super hosts. It is worth the extra cost super host typically can get for the better experience, somebody who normally really goes above and beyond the average host. If that’s not you, you will lose the status soon enough.

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There are plenty of mediocre superhosts and outstanding non super hosts.


I have a really different experience here, than most, it sounds like. Over and over again - too many times to count - I have guests tell me that they only stay with Superhosts. Newbies tell me they’ve “heard” to only stay with Superhosts. Not to say my experience is the norm, but I do value the badge.

I don’t think I go over and above to keep SH status, I just do what I do regardless. As many here have said, “underpromise/overwhelm.”

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I’ve had guests comment on the Superhost status but only because I have a SH trophy thing that Airbnb sent me displayed in the Airbnb room. Even if they didn’t notice when they booked I think it has a psychological effect when they see it in the room. I try to only stay with SH and only search without that filter if nothing is available. I think I’ve only stayed with one non-SH and that’s because they only had 7 reviews and they were in the exact neighborhood I needed for that trip.


Alrighty then. Something for me to aspire to. A few years ago when Airbnb sent out freebies I think I missed out on this & the art drawing/decor of rentals. I guess I’m too late…

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I posted about it here, rather derisively. Then someone suggested I frame it and hang it on the wall as it came on a stand and I didn’t have space for something like that in there at the time. Now I think it’s okay. It was in honor of being SH for 5 straight years/20 quarters.

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