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Are Tuesday's 'booking' days for you too?

We have noticed that on Tuesday’s we get the most amount of bookings across all our properties. We get bookings throughout the week as well, but on Tuesdays we typically get 3-5 confirmed bookings. Anyone else notice this Tuesday surge? Does it happen for you on another day?

Almost all my bookings are made on Tuesdays and Thursdays :). Number of views always drops on Fridays and Saturdays and peaks on Mondays.

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I noticed too that weekends almost noon ebooks

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Same for us Yana! The weekends are slow! Tuesdays are always the busiest for our US and Euro properties.

My suspicion is because they shop for airfares over the weekend, get that settled, and then look for their lodging.

Just a guess. But yes, I have had this same experience!

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Crazy, I didnt notice until you mentioned. We had 2 bookings and one inquiry yesterday!

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Me too, i had 1 booking but good one,and 2 inquires

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My feeling is that people browse Airbnb when they are bored at work on Tuesdays and Thursdays afternoons, which are usually less busy.

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Ha! It’s been quiet for me but here it is, Tuesday, and a booking. Yay!!!

@dcmooney - exactly the same thing happened here! Love Tuesdays :slight_smile:

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Only one request so far today for us…BUT I did raise our ‘base price’ and currently testing if it’s ‘too high’, so there’s that…LOL

I had one booking and one inquiry yesterday. The inquiry couldn’t book until Thursday. I now look forward to Tuesdays haha!

I noticed Tuesday for me but always overnight in the middle of the night so technically Wednesday morning since most of these requests are internationally. I also find the they come in waves quiet and then three at a time.

We ended with 3 ‘requests’ …kinda a slow Tuesday for us. However, like I said I’m experimenting with raising prices…

Haha, I just read this. I got 2 bookings yesterday and one today. I also noticed yesterday that Air’s price suggestions were high, and today they’re lower. Maybe they see a surge in people booking on Tuesdays as well. I may play with my prices and raise them slightly all across the board on Monday evenings!

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