Are there any hosts who have NEVER had major problems with guests?

We have only given one thumbs down, but those guests were more like a major nuisance than a major problem. Besides I prefer to remember all the truly wonderful guests we have had.

We’ve had a few dreadful guests. We had a smoker lingerie model who advertised our space on Facebook. She had strange men picking her up at all hours, and had uninvited guests. I had to ask her to leave early. She sobbed and shook uncontrollably. It was not a good situation.

We hosted a couple who were attending a concert, and they snuck people in, drank all my soda, left tons of bottles, damaged my microwave, fridge, and got mud all over the floor. Oh, and they had some sort of bubblegum spitting contest. They were one night guests. I was nearly the one crying uncontrollably after that ordeal.

We had another concert couple (we are walkable to a few concert venues–can’t wait til football season…) who got plastered, broke stuff (including precious candlesticks), bled all over my sheets and couch covers–oh, and put three holes in three walls with three paint colors. There was more, but I have blocked it out. She admitted to all of this in a note, and has paid for half of the damages I requested thus far.

I’d say 97% of our guests are wonderful. I attribute the other 3% mostly to the fact that we are on instant book.


Never had any problems with guests! I have a budget place and most guests are young, appreciative and positive people :slight_smile:

I was about to say we had never had an issue in our year and a half, but then I remembered. We have an apartment over the garage that is rented out quite a bit, and then occasionally our entire house that we normally live in is rented out for a weekend. We had a large group staying in our house one weekend and another in the apartment. We left town and both were going to be checking in late. To make a crazy long story short, The three men that didn’t speak English well that were supposed to be staying up in our apartment apparently didn’t follow my instructions on getting into the apartment and ended up letting themselves into our house instead. When the other large group showed up, the men were in the house and claimed they had rented the whole house. They showed them their Airbnb confirmation, but apparently it was in Chinese. I think the large group likely was totally drunk, and so they somehow ended up not contacting me and letting the three men stay in one of our bedrooms. I was so mortified the next morning and we called to get the men out of the bedroom right away. We got an Airbnb involved, but they were useless really. We ended up offering a refund to our whole house group. He only asked for $100, I told him I would refund $150, and still felt like we had gotten off Scott free. Absolutely amazingly, they both left us five star reviews :flushed:

Then we actually had a guest in our whole house set a roasting pan down on our laminate countertop and scorch it. I got an estimate to replace it, which was $700, sent her the quote through the resolution center and she immediately paid the full amount. I couldn’t believe it.

So I guess that’s why I feel like we’ve only had good experiences, because we were never left with a sour taste in our mouth even after snafus happened.


me too been hosting 2 rooms in my flat for 6 years - in 800 odd couples staying and longer term students on courses staying between 3-9months - I had a guy who dropped an iron and a couple that left a fridge open overnight that bust the motor - but was up for a new one so biggie - a couple locked me out once had to get a lock smith to let me in at 2am with a friend - they paid for the locksmith - its a safe building where everyone knows each other so people coming back from nights out came and hung out with us while we waited which was fun - everyone loves a bit of drama the guys upstairs offered us their couch for the night - other than that wonderful people - I’m guessing if you like to share your life with people and you have a radar who to say no too - alls good -

Yes everyone one of my guests has been lovely. In over a year with 92% occupancy nothing has been broken or stolen. I love my guests and since I am a super host with many repeat customers I think they love our service.
Lynn Bock

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I would Never rent for one night…not worth changing the sheets unless you are getting really high rent. In Nasville, I get a lot of guests in for concerts but most stay 2-4 nights. Never a problem.
Where are you located?

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Our only major nightmare was back when we started hosting.
Our first guest, a long-term stay at a whole apartment listing, claimed to having been harassed and hounded by neighbors, and so we allowed him to cancel his last month’s stay without penalty. This caused extreme distress on our side, and we even closed the listing and canceled all future bookings while we decided what to do. Two months income down the drain. It turned out all his claims were bogus! If this were the US, we would sue him.

I’m in Uptown (downtown) Charlotte. We’re actually visiting Nashville for a concert at Ascend in September, but, sadly, we’re only able to stay one night. It’s our first visit to Nashville, but I’m certain it won’t be our last. I’ve heard so many wonderful things about the area. It’s a shame we won’t be able to explore more this time around. We’ll be staying near Five Points, so if you have any dinner recommendations… :wink:

I set my minimum to two or three days and then open up to one day stays when the month begins or if we are already pretty full. It helps to fill in holes. Since we are very close to the football stadium, basketball arena, concerts, business district, airport, etc… we could get mostly all one-nighters. It isn’t my preference, but, then again, some of our kindest guests have been people coming in for a night Uptown before flying out of CLT to begin their honeymoon (this has happened three times in the last year), a birthday concert, a performer in town for the night, etc… We have an NFL guy coming in for a day this week. I would have hated to miss out on some of those experiences. I do have to limit the one day stays because of burnout, though. I start to get a bit cranky after too many same day turnovers. :smiling_imp:

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No major issues here in Vegas and I have been going for about a year. The only two issues I had were a guest that kept turning the AC down to 70. Which when it’s 115 ends up costing and arm and leg on the power bill. Had to tell her the AC woul break if it went under 75. And had two young girls that stayed with me that destroyed a pair of sheets with body make-up. But i really should have seen that one coming. I feel part of the trick is not being afraid to turn down guests that can’t tell you why they coming to town or just clearly haven;t read the listing when asking questions.


Does your listing state that the A/C won’t be turned lower than 75? I would be sweltering.

We just changed it so saw so and put it on the termostate. Honestly in Vegas, if you turn it 70 when it’s 115 you end up paying 20-30 bucks a day for power. :confounded:IE not worth it. Oh and the guest grabbed extra blankets to sleep under, so I don’t think they were too hot.

In Vegas, it is sooo dry that with the A/C set at 76-77, it’s absolutely comfortable and would create a chilly environment if set any lower.

The humidity is 2%…not 30% or 40%.