Are there any Auckland NZ hosts here?

There used to be some active Auckland hosts here. I don’t think there are anymore and one I checked no longer has an active listing. Are there any here lurking perhaps?

I’m in New Zealand but not Auckland. Do you need to hear from someone from that particular city?

Yes, I suppose so. I’m not sure I’d feel comfortable driving on the left so think I’m going to be stuck there. I’m going there next Feb and looks like I will need to spend some nights there coming and going. I want to go to the Queen concert Feb 7th and may also be flying in from Niue later in the month and need to overnight again. So I was hoping to find a rental there and or someone with tips about the city.

However, PM me your listing if you feel comfortable and I’ll save it just in case. I’ll be on the South Island for a couple of weeks as I have friends in Dunedin but we will probably be touring around some there.
@suzehamling used to have a cute rental there (took me awhile to remember the name).

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PM me, please. I’ve been to NZ 5 times for long trips and was married to a Kiwi who is from Auckland and still has family there. I’m still close to the “rellies.” Can help you with itineraries and reach out for lodgings.

Driving on the left is easy - just remember to specifically ask for an automatic car (manuals are the “standard”) rental, the blinkers and wipers are on opposite sides (right turn signal using the US controls will get your windshield clean), and roundabouts go anti-clockwise.

cheers and enjoy visiting one of the most insanely beautiful places on the planet with some of the wackiest, nicest people around who have real pride in showing off the best of their country.

Absolutely it is! I’d been driving on the left (in the UK) for twenty something years when I moved to the States. No problem at all :slight_smile:

So the other way around must be just as easy.

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LOL. And you did this when you were 61? I’m iffy enough on US roads.

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Ah. I was at the age at which life is supposed to begin :wink:

Hey, I’m 61 and still driving my manual BMW around town like a terror! :wink: Life is always just beginning, I’m just at the age where I know enough to be dangerous!

I had a big Harley until 2011 and I just sold my Miata about a year ago. I know how to quit while I’m ahead. LOL.

I understand you feeling nervous about driving. There are options for travelling here without having to drive. There are scenic train trips you could take and there are a number of bus companies that do all the tourist routes. It really depends where you want to go and what you want to see. It would be a real shame if you were stuck in Auckland only as there is so much more to see.
I’m on the West Coast of the South Island - a long way from Auckland. It is a popular tourist town. Folks usually hire a car and do a loop around the South Island either flying into/out of either Christchurch or Queenstown. My best advice is to not rush it. Give yourself plenty of time so you can see most of what you want. And if you do decide to drive, you won’t feel stressed if you aren’t rushing.

Feel free to PM me if you need help with anything at all. You can Google my listing and find it easily. Blue Spur Farmstay, Hokitika. I’m on Houfy which is fee free and I encourage my guests to look there first.
I hope you have a great time at the concert and enjoy NZ!


I did the Big Green Kiwi Experience bus tour of the South Island and loved it. Got to fly on a small plane back from Milford Sound to Queenstown (landed on a sheep farm!) and loved every second of it.

Several lifetimes of touring NZ still wouldn’t cover all it has to offer.

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I’m not that bright… :wink:

That sounds appealing.

Thank you, I will.

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I saw this in my FB feed and instantly knew it had happened in New Zealand.

Seriously, any country that has “penguin crossing” signs is OK with me.

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My friends’ land is habitat for the endangered yellow eyed penguins. She’s quite frustrated by what she sees as a lack of effort by the government on their behalf. Again, consistent with her disappointment in everything.

I don’t know if she is so much of a “Bolshy” or leftist as a determined environmentalist. She’s not a fan of the PM, she favors the death penalty and gun ownership. It’s a little hard for me to penguinhole her. :wink:

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OMG I just spit water all over!!! A Kiwi who favours gun ownership? I know she’s on the South Island and they’re all “Let’s go wild boar hunting with a couple of dingoes and some sharpish knives” down there, but guns?

I’d be reaching for the veryveryvery big gin bottle with a tiny side of tonic trying to penguinhole her. :wink:

Oh man, that’s priceless!

Sorry I wasn’t clear. She American and I met her here in my home town around 1984. Her cultural roots are TX/NM. She’s lived all over the world but she and her husband emmigrated to NZ in 2008.

I’m a beer drinker and the local Dunedin brew, Speights, isn’t too bad.

Sorry but you have got that a bit wrong. I’m in the South Island and there is no way you could describe me or many of my friends that way. We are not all pro-gun at all. I’m a huge fan of our Prime Minister. Jacinda is a wonderful person and I fully support her.

Also, we don’t have any dingoes (they are only in Australia - that is a different country).

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That is sad to hear that she thinks that way. NZers as a whole are not usually big fans of gun culture and death penalty. At least she is trying to help our hoiho (yellow eyed penguin).

She’s interesting, that’s for sure. I don’t think they own any guns but she’s certainly spoken in favor of ownership for personal protection. She’s very intelligent, probably genius level, and hyper critical of most everything. She’s a staunch environmentalist and works in the field professionally as a scientist. They bought a big plot of land (35 hectares?) next to some govt land on the Otago peninsula. They aren’t going to develop it and are planting native trees on it. So you guys have that in common. They don’t have children so I’m guessing they will leave it to some conservation group when they die.

As an example of her unreasonable nature, she doesn’t want me to go to the Queen concert in Dunedin because she opposes the stadium…the already completed stadium. That venue has better tickets available, I wouldn’t have to worry about getting rained on, and could save money on accommodation by staying with her. The trick is that I have to get her to decide it would be best if I went to that show rather than the one in Auckland. So far my technique of saying “okay well, I’ll just go in Auckland and see you 3-4 days later than I would if I went to Dunedin” isn’t working.