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Are there AirBnB spotters?


Is this a hanging offence? Sometimes when you gotta pee you gotta pee. And maybe she figured if their room had an ensuite then so would the room across the hall. What she should have done though is tell you and say sorry but she really had to go and didn’t want to go in front of one of her workmates. Or once in there did she also decide to treat it like a day spa and use other facilities, lotions and towels?



Eventually there is the bad review that feels that it is done in an unfair manner because of not understanding the premise, or because of some people’s intent to be vindictive for no reason. I keep my prices as low as possible in order to attract better guests with less expectations. I advertise dust in my place, not really, but in my description I explain that it is lived-in conditions, etc… Similarly I do not charge a cleaning fee. I am too busy with work to be able to be a full time house cleaner on top of everything else and offer a cheaper place to stay that isn’t perfect, but there are plenty of students, travelers, and parents that are just looking for a safe, normal place for an economic deal. That’s what I try to cater to because they don’t wear white gloves to judge your living conditions which for me is normal clean, not hotel standards, because I’m not a hotel. Regardless, most people don’t seem to know how to read, simply refuse to, or limit themselves to reading only the reviews from others. This causes a certain percentage of “high expectation” guests that seem to enjoy pointing out where they found dust. One couple let me know they found some behind the radiator. I explained to them that that’s where I like to keep it. I find that people have their own interpretation of what 5 star is, and have often found people committed to the idea that nothing is ever 5 star. I post the attached picture of rating chart to try and establish a better understanding of how hosts should be rated.STARratings|386x500



I think they were looking to be comp’d entirely. They were scammers.



One 1-star review out of 20 total reviews will bring you to a 4.8 or below. I.e. if 19 reviews are perfect 5-star and then you get a single 1-star review, you’re at 4.8. It’s lower if even one of those 19 reviews is not a perfect 5-star.

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Also, I’m trying to click on your “Star Rating” chart, but the link is not working for me.

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Tried to attach it before, not sure how to get it to work, here is another attempt…

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