Are the admins on this site, admins on a FB site?

So, sometimes things from a facebook page show up in my newsfeed, and they are links to topics here. There are over 5K members of that FB site. I’m just concerned that some of our “venting” here is being shared.
Then again, I believe this is an open forum, meaning anyone can read and not be a member.
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this is the site, hope it shows up!

@brook2adks Thanks for posting this!!

This is something @jaquo and I were just speaking about, non members reading some of the posts and thinking all hosts are terrible/insensitive people.


I know right? We do tend to vent, but that is just normal, however, as a potential guest, I may not like reading such things :slight_smile:

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@brook2adks especially since we have acquired some internet trolls as of lately, that tend to spew intolerant hate. I feel like we are in the Wild Wild West of Air BNB forums :joy:


This is why the admins on this site should get rid of certain bigoted members here :wink:

(Who are probably not genuine hosts anyway).


@jaquo I could not agree more


No I’m not and I have no idea who the admin are for the fb site; Airbnb don’t run it (just like they don’t run this site). I wouldnt vent on the Facebook page! There’s around that many members on here.

Hi @Kirsty_Jane, I don’t vent on the Facebook page, my point is that one particular Facebook page pulls topics directly from this forum and posts them with a link that leads directly to this page as noted in the photo above.

Oh apologies! Oh wow just goes to show eh

Nothing for you to apologize for! It’s the internet and that’s just how things work! Just goes to show be careful what you write here though! You don’t want to give a link to your listing, then condemn a guest only for it to be plastered all over fb!

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And when sites get to members in the thousands, it’s impossible to tell if they really are all actual hosts, or if the site is being used by ABB, organizations who want to destroy ABB, or whatever crazy motives people may have!

OMG, it never occurred to me my posts would go out onto Facebook. I’ll mostly just read from now on, and think long and hard before posting something that’s going to be broadcast elsewhere.


Hi can anyone help?
I would like to delete account. Who is the admin?

There are a few mods. I can help :slight_smile:

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So I wonder if we could create a new account and post from that account details and a link to our Airbnb page. Maybe include tag words like our city, state, and other keywords? Then maybe our place would get free advertising on Facebook?

I would also like to delete my posts and account if you can help me with that it would be appreciated. Thanks, I personally have learned from your perspective and insights. There seems to be “trolls” where-ever there is an opportunity to write something from the anomymity (? sp) of a computer. Perhaps you will reconsider, and continue to cast your “pearls” and ignore “swine” that may not either appreciate your insight, or feel the need to be argumentative at every turn. The beauty of this site is to see the very many perspectives on how to host a home, and we all can learn about more fully appreciating the guests, without whom none of this is possible (paraphrasing you), In whatever you decide, your efforts were appreciated and have contributing to making me a better host. Thank you!!

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