Are House Rules a legally binding document?

30 plus listings! I am always inclined to not regard any Airbnb host who has more than 3 or 4 listings as anything other than undermining the original Airbnb philosophy. So hire away all the lawyers you can afford and continue to ruin it for the rest of us. Your the reason why city officials want to ban Airbnb’s or impose additional rules and taxes on Hosts. No sympathy here!

I have 2 listings I own and 10 that I co-host for friends. It is only me- I am not a big corporation- I do it because I love the area and my homes. So not sure what you are referring to.

While there are companies in Big Bear that have hundreds of homes they manage and don’t care about the homes or the neighbors that is as far from me as you can get. But thanks for judging?

I was told today and prior that when they accept a booking- they are accepting your rules so there is no need for another contract.


I, for one, am not sure what your point is.

Air told you initially that you can’t do anything about a last minute cancellation even though your house rules strictly prohibit it.

Air told you today that when the guests accept your rules “there is no need for another contract.”

So, what?! What is the import of that statement as far as you recouping what you lost in the cancellation?

Most of us believe that you will probably get six different answers from as many calls to CS. It’s best to rely on your legal advisor and then come back and share with us what your plan of action is so we can all benefit.

Big Bear, if your cancellation got changed to flexible, I don’t think there’s a thing you can do. House rules are not going to help you enforce a cancellation policy.


I do not think House Rules can override, or be in conflict with, any other standard Airbnb policy like the selected Cancelation type or Non-Discrimination.